Jun 6


I’ve been reading a lot about fear recently. Gavin de Becker’s Gift of Fear was a great book because it teaches people how to use the right kind of fear. When we are in

May 30

The harm TV does to kids

According to this article, a study was conducted of approximately 400 preteen students in the Midwest, both black and white. It looked at the amount of time they spent in front of the television

Feb 12

A Bitter Spinster Fairytale

Once upon a time there was a princess. A rather old princess, who had been relatively content to spend her days as a Spinster Aunt. But, needs being what they are, she would venture

Jan 27

Failing the sleep test

Since I was an adolescent, I’ve had problems staying awake during the day. Honestly, I haven’t given it much thought, because for the most part, it’s not debilitating. I know that my sleepiness isn’t

Jan 22

Highs and Lows at the Airport

I’m at the airport today waiting for a flight to Texas. It’s the beginning of another month or so of travel, and while I will miss my home and my friends, I am a

Jan 20

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Yesterday was tough at work. Not because I don’t love my job, just because there’s a lot to do. After work I had plans, so in the subway I put on the soundtrack to