Dec 18

Sweater Tights!

It seems that items that are great for little kids are coming in adult sizes, and who can fault sweater tights? I remember seeing them on kids in Uzbekistan, but never on an adult. 

Dec 12

Privilege Denying Dude

I love this internet meme.  Called Privilege Denying Dude, so much of it is funny because it’s what actual guys say sometimes, or at least the clueless, genuinely stupid things.  What I like about

Dec 6

Telling robots from humans

In September, one of my friends’ boyfriend found out about this blog, commented on a post and it got caught up in moderation queue.  I didn’t even see it until he asked me if

Dec 4

Predicting the worst

An interesting article about the effects of the Clean Air Act is here. The money shot: Not surprisingly, the cost of achieving the tremendous public health and environmental benefits of the Clean Air Act Amendments

Nov 10

Haiku for you

I. Twelve hour shifts all week Keep me away from blogging Or having a life. II. Conferences are tough Workshops make me

Oct 16

“Thinking positive” isn’t working out? Let’s try something that works.

One of the things I see all the time on LinkedIn and on newsletters and frankly, all around me is the idea that you have to have a positive attitude to succeed. That,