Dec 2

Passover Macaroons (kosher for passover)

This is actually a recipe from my friend Alyssa, that we made when I went to her house for Seder. Ingredients: two 13 oz packages of coconut 1 can of sweetened condensed milk 1 tsp. of vanilla To make: Hand

Dec 1

Raspberry Jam

This is a cooked version of jam.  You can also make it “fresh” by leaving out the cooking part, and it’s still delicious Ingredients: 1-1 ratio raspberries and sugar some hot water To make: Crush rapberries in a pot

Nov 26

Granola Muesli

This was my preferred cereal in the mornings before school.  I made it every week.  Now, I can go buy it in a store, but it still tastes better! Ingredients: 4 cups non-instant oatmeal 1 cup nuts

Nov 25

Eggplant Caviar

This dish is one of my favorites from Uzbekistan. Ingredients: 5 or 6 med red peppers 5 eggplants, peeled 3 big tomatoes 3 onions peeled 3 carrots peeled lots of oil (I use sunflower, but any kind will do) garlic, black pepper,

Mar 31


So tired, but wanted to wish religion-specific happiness out there. To the Jew Crew: Have a good Passover. As I eat my peanut butter sandwiches, I’ll think of you. Ok, but seriously, here’s