Mar 20

Spring is here!

In Russian culture, spring begins on the first of March, with Russians all over saying “Happy Spring” as winter gives its final push and it’s still snowing outside.  I was always grumpy in the

Feb 2

Imbolc and Wicca

I usually try to post something Wiccan on all my high holidays, and today is Imbolc, the Wiccan equivalent of the festival of lights.  I have a ton of candles this year, but most

Dec 23

Why I am not reading Twilight

Being a big fan of True Blood and a diehard Buffy addict, people are always expecting me to read/ watch the Twilight series.  And while the jury’s still out as to whether I will

Dec 21

Have a Cool Yule!

One of the things we pagans like to bandy about this time of year is How Pagan Christmas Is.  We even have songs called “Christmastime is Pagan” to remind ourselves that it is totally

Aug 1


Wiccans have eight main holidays a year, following a solar cycle alongside the seasons.  These holidays start (not unsurprisingly) at Halloween.  There are high holidays and then what we call “cross quarters” which are

Feb 7

Vegetarianism and Wicca

As you might be able to tell from my side bar, I am Wiccan and listen to Wiccan podcasts. Podcasts are cool, because they’re like radio shows about things I’m interested in, rather