Feb 1


Candlemas is tomorrow. In Wicca, we call Candlemas Imbolc. However, I like the name Candlemas, because it really does show off the festival of lights feeling I get from the holiday. The

Dec 22

The Longest Night

The longest night is tonight. Tonight is my holiday, almost forgotten in the debates about other holidays that tangentally affect me too. Will this store be papered in blue and white, or

Mar 31


So tired, but wanted to wish religion-specific happiness out there. To the Jew Crew: Have a good Passover. As I eat my peanut butter sandwiches, I’ll think of you. Ok, but seriously, here’s

Mar 21

Happy Ostara!

Oh goddess, I am so tired. Happy Ostara to all the Wiccan/Pagans out there. Hope it was better than mine! (Note to Buffy fans: when you meet a Wiccan in real life, please