Oct 1


While I am trying to blog as much as I can this year, I can’t even think about that when finals approaches. And since I am at a school that has a quarter

May 28

A million things to do

I am moving to New York on Sunday, with the internship starting on Monday, and I have a whole list of items that need to be done before that.  which means pretty much today

Jul 14

One closet. One stupid cat.

Jul 10

The Sink

Lina hates water. But she loves the sink, especially since it

Jul 9
Makes me laugh whenever I see it

Makes me laugh whenever I see it

I would like to dress my cat up in little dresses and take pictures of her looking pissed. Unfortunately, Tony has vetoed

Jun 26
Freak on a Leash

Freak on a Leash

Yes, that’s my cat. This was taken on her first walk-about on a leash. Well, there was less walking and more of her squatting down and trying to get at the ants.