Jun 22


Last Friday – Last day at work! I got totally shit faced at a happy hour and botched about my abusive boss. I finally got it off my chest: she was

Dec 24

Flying home

I flew back home last week at this time. It was a 20 hour flight in which I went backwards in time and saw two sunrises. I am getting all my pictures rounded up

Dec 3

In Kuala Lumpur

Or “KL” as everyone calls it. These past two days have been very exciting. I left Philly on the 30th, and proceeded on a 20 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur. It

Jun 29

Malaysia – Simply Asia

The above title of a commercial for Malay tourism that I saw anytime I had a hotel with CNN International while I was in the Peace Corps. I think it’s time to go

Feb 26


I am going to be in Arizona between March 22-26, depending on the price of airfare. Unfortunately none of my family or friends can meet my boyfriend, as his work would not let

Jan 2


#1: Save money and reduce spending#2: Blog more often – every day if I can#3: Be healthier – especially dentally.#4: Keep in better touch with friends and family. Of course, I don’t have the