Dec 14

Cut adrift

I am a horrible friend. For days now I have not checked my email, and with the exception of the piano bar, not gone out with my friends. I have not called

Dec 12

Piano Bar

My friend Jillian has been raving about this piano bar for weeks now, so tonight I went with her and Dave. I have to say I agree with her, it’s fantastic. It’s

Jul 12

While Kelly and I were in Germany, we came upon the “Smart” car, which, as you can see, is possibly the smallest car ever. It seems to scream “fuel efficiency” and only fits

Jun 25

So I have not been able to write about a couple of places I went to recently, so I will try to make up for that. We went to some pretty memorable places around Central

Jun 18

So Prague was everything I’d hoped and now I’m in Munich basking in the Bavarian sunlight. Except that it looks like rain. I’m already getting antsy and not wanting to go back

Jun 15

So I’ve been bumming around Prague for the past week or so. I’ve got some pretty neat stories so far. But here’s the one right out of the airport: So I’m flying into