Oct 5

Meat is the best thing evah!

Gross! Stephanie Smith, a children’s dance instructor, thought she had a stomach virus. The aches and cramping were tolerable that first day, and she finished her classes. Then her diarrhea turned bloody. Her kidneys shut down.

Sep 19
I’m having a party!

I’m having a party!

I spent the majority of last night doing some planning for my party today.  I have gotten together an iTunes playlist for the stereo, but of course my favorite part is always the food! My

Sep 13
Pot Pie!

Pot Pie!

Before I became a vegetarian, one of my favorite things to eat was Marie Callender’s pot pie. It was made with meat, but that’s not why I liked it.  As I have mentioned before,

Sep 7

Chickpea Salad Sandwiches – college style

For the last two weeks or so since I started back at school, my default meal has been chickpea salad sandwiches.  The original recipe, taken from Fat Free Vegan is delicious, and I’m hoping,

Aug 5

Things I will miss about New York!

One of the most magical things I discovered when I got here was the large amount of vegan food here.  One of my favorite things to eat all summer has been this tofu spread

Jun 25

Another day.

Today was a combination of good and bad.  I know every  day is a little like that just to be normal, but today everything was extreme.  Either it made me want to freak out