Oct 31

Other Scores

In addition to my GMAT scores, I also received some blood test results from my doctor this past week. When I took the test two years ago, I weighed 141 pounds and had

Oct 12
Semi Healthy-made

Semi Healthy-made

I do most of the cooking in the Snuggles-Sepra household. In the summertime when we have fresh produce, I usually cook from scratch because it’s actually easier for me to do that than

Jun 6

Shooting myself in the foot

So earlier last week, I got down to my goal weight of 125 pounds, which is a 15 pound weight loss from what I weighed in March. I have not weighed this since

Jul 23

Things people say to vegetarians, the argument

Fish dishes bother me. Not on a visceral level, but on the way people treat them. A fish is an animal. It breathes, it swims, it breeds. Meat is a product

Jul 3

Things people say to vegetarians, pt. 2

The second thing that people like to do to newly-discovered vegetarians is soliliquize about their own love of meat. Yes, I mean you. You did it too. A typical conversation looks

Jun 30

Things people say to vegetarians, pt. 1

One of the most typical things that people say when they learn that I am a vegetarian is “why?”, as in “why would you possibly give up meat?” It said with either a tone