Sep 5

Trying to keep up

Since I really only posted once in July, I have been feeling guilty about not posting very much.  While part of that is that Dara called me from Singapore to tell me to post,

Aug 28

Power of the Internet

Last year, in IT class, we talked alot about the power of the new social networking and the influence it could bear for businesses.  For the last week or so, I have been following

May 28

A million things to do

I am moving to New York on Sunday, with the internship starting on Monday, and I have a whole list of items that need to be done before that.  which means pretty much today

May 27

I can also mobile blog!

I just downloaded an application that will allow me to blog from my phone! I hope that this will also increase the number of updates. I can also add photos, like this picture of the

May 27

You might notice a difference

So… my format has changed. And everything looks different. Well, I changed over to WordPress today since my archives were making me want to pull out my hair at the roots.

Nov 23


I have been having problems with comments by my usual commenting server, YACCS, for awhile now. Tonight I read that they are going defunct in December anyway. I have converted to Blogger comments