Apr 15


Welcome to my depression. Okay, so I want to curl up into a ball and die, but here I sit, at my computer. Sigh. I hate feeling unloved because it hurts.

Apr 5

I am uncommunicative

Hey haven’t blogged lately due to the extreme business that has consumed my life. Right now Hotmail isn’t working, so i can’t write to Kelly or Nikhil like I was planning on today.

Mar 30

I hate taxes; love design

I spent a million years doing taxes today, but it’s all done. By the way: H&R; Block lies to you when it says it will e-file your state return for free if you do

Mar 25

Three points

Ok, so I have so much to say today that it blows my mind. 1. I keep having Buffy dreams. Now, I love it when it happens because I can think about them, but

Mar 25

Sunday Seven again

Seven favorite TV characters of all time… 1. Willow of Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2. Rainbow Brite (well, she did say “of all time”) 3. Jem (“showtime Synergy!”) 4. Helen Gamble of The Practice 5. Jonathan of Buffy

Mar 18


La la la. I had this country song in my head all morning, and now I’m at the lab listening to Triple J. This is the best internet radio station on the