Feb 11

Four Squares

When I come back from traveling next week for work, my office is going to be pretty different. I am moving to another floor and gone will be cubicles. In their place is an

Nov 21

How interviews get started (chapter from my non-novel)

I tried doing something for NaNoWriMo, but it didn’t work right. Some results are here. This is about a company I interviewed for, but didn’t get the job. It was a cold October

Nov 10

Haiku for you

I. Twelve hour shifts all week Keep me away from blogging Or having a life. II. Conferences are tough Workshops make me

Oct 24

Not funny

I was at a get together the other night and, as I arrived, a guy came and approached me. A guy that I am sort of friends with, but don’t know very well.

Oct 16

“Thinking positive” isn’t working out? Let’s try something that works.

One of the things I see all the time on LinkedIn and on newsletters and frankly, all around me is the idea that you have to have a positive attitude to succeed. That,

Sep 30

This post is very boring.

I think I’m coming down with a respiratory infection. I’ve been coughing all week and this morning at 4:30am, woke up having trouble breathing. I’m really stressed out at work, so I