Sep 6

Where in the world was I?

One of the reasons that I was not writing in August was really because I… was writing in August.  I am a staff writer for the online review site Geek Speak Magazine.  Look for

Jun 1

Baby, you’re on the brink

Thank god for June! May was quite possibly the most stressful month of my time in the MBA program, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it.  After graduation, I busted my

Jan 28

Three Taos in a row is a bit much

Before it becomes four, I would like to say that my lack of posting is because this program has yet again sucked out all my time.  Without consulting the students, my program decided to

Jan 5

Happy New Year!

As you can see from my Twitter feed, I have two resolutions this year.  I also have a shadow resolution.  I’m not sure if they’ll pan out, like most resolutions they only last as

Dec 6

Off my butt

The last couple of days have seen me holed up in my apartment while it is snowing outside.  Have I mentioned that I hate snow?  Probably about a million times.  I can deal with

Oct 28

Cover Letter

Dear Universe, I have an interview today. Please don’t let me screw it up. Also, could you send me a job? I’ll pay for