1. You are supposed to do a presentation in front of class. You:

Work on it the best you can, then go get some snuggles with your honey.
Strut in there and work your mojo for that grade.
Work all night on it, even though it is only a 10 min presentation, because you never know what could go wrong or if someone might laugh at you and you just don't know what you're going to do in front of all those people!
Who the hell cares about a presentation? No one in there matters anyway...
Go in there and do your best. After all, it's not that hard to teach people new things!

2. You are going on a vacation to visit your family in the Midwest. You...

Totally ditch the family the whole trip to go hit the clubs and bars. Mmm, fresh meat...
See it as a great chance to meet new people and get to know them. Who knows, maybe you'll learn some new stuff.
Bring your honey along. After all, you can't be without him/her!
Think what are these people like? After all, you haven't seen them in so long. What if they don't like you? What if you have a horrible time?
Ditch the whole occasion to go off and do whatever you feel like. You don't care about them; nothing really matters.

3. You're at a party and you see a very nice looking individual. You:

Go up and just talk. After all, you're both people and hey, similar interests can happen!
Go up to them, pull them in the back room and have your way with them. Who cares if they want to too or not?
Secretly stare at them all night, but run if they try to talk to you.
Think they are hot, but look guiltily at your S.O.
See pain and loss in your future. After all, everyone leaves and all they do is hurt you along the way.

4. What's your favorite animal?

I'm not an animal person.

5. What's your type?

The romantic type, someone I can snuggle with.
Someone who is cooler, because people might like me if I had a cool s.o.
Don't you get it? There's no one out there to love!
Someone who will let me play.
A total equal in all things.

6. How would you describe yourself?

Completely detatched from all humanity.
Completely detatched from all morality.
Completely detatched from self-esteem.
Happy and content.
Mmmm, warm and snuggly.

7. What is your favorite genre of music?

love ballads

8. If someone wronged you, what's the most likely way that you would take revenge?

Oh, I'd just hunt them down and kill them.
Revenge? I would never do that!
Well, I'd hunt them for awhile, maybe a bit of torture, but I'd eventually get bored and kill them.
Nah, no one is worth that much worry.
I'd snipe and make nasty comments until they exploded and looked like the bad guy..

9. What would it take to make you happy?

All it takes is my honey and a soft, warm bed.
I'm easily amused... just give me something to play with.
people to look up to me.
recognition of my achievements.

10. Which Willow do you identify with?

The cute, shy season one Willow.
The leather-clad Vamp Willow.
The Willow of season four who was finally in her element.
The happily gay Willow of season five.
Darth Rosenberg.