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Conversations With Dead People
"Fact is, the whole good-versus-evil, balancing the scales thing - I'm over it. "

5/5. Well, Cassie was back.

10/10. Holy Crap!

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S E P R A H dot C O M

||> Summary

While on patrol, Buffy meets an old high school classmate turned vampire. In the library, Willow runs into Cassie and Dawn has an all-night battle with a demon to free her mother. All dead people, all with conversation. Anyway, The vampire psycho-analyzes Buffy until she finds out Spike sired him and dusts him. Dawn destroys the house and gets to her mom, just to be told that Buffy "won't choose her." And Willow gets to the bottom of Cassie just to learn that there is a new Big Bad in town, and it's taken the form of Cassie this time.

||> Review

Okay, I never read any reviews of this episode, but judging from my personal reaction, I have to assume that everybody loved this episode as much as I did. So now that it's late in the season at the time I'm writing this, I'm sure everyone has been over it ad nauseum and thus I'll just treat the segments as actual segments without any chronology in my review. Of course, now that I think about it, I never have that anyway, so never mind.

The only thing I didn't like, of course, was Jonathan's death. See, I had this thing where I thought Jonathan was going to live after everything else dies and it really twisted the knife that he bought it. See, Joss, that's not what I needed, but I forgive him, although I wish Andrew would have died instead. Although it would have made Jonathan a murderer and I wouldn't have liked that either. So whatever. The traveling flashbacks were okay and I guess the shock of it was interesting, but I just wish I still had my little man.

The Buffy/vamp thing was cool though. I thought the conversation was rather circular, but as it was funny, I let it go. The whole thing cracked me up. I mean, an inferiority complex about a superiority complex? I didn't like the parts where it got too serious and I felt that we were descending to the same place in season 6. I mean, really. Buffy should get over it a bit, you know? The fighting sequences were neat too since it was like they were just doing it for fun.

I would say overall, Willow's scenes were the most creepy. I was a littel fooled at first too about Cassie and the whole Tara thing, especially since it seemed so true. But I think it got a lot creepier for me faster than it did for Willow. I felt pretty bad when Willow was obviously so hurt and was talking to Tara, but at the same time, I was yelling at the screen like, "Can't you tell she's evil?" I mean, Willow's all vulnerable right now and I feel bad, but she shouldn't have lost all of her senses. And of course when "Cassie" revealed her true nature, the creepiness was on a high scale. That whole slitting the wrists thing gave me shivers. I was just really creeped out, which is also cool.

Last comes little Dawn. I was laughing at her dancing around and stuff and thought it was too accurate: I mean, she's the typical little sister! Then when the demon came in - oh it just looked so fake, you know? I mean, not like I thought it looked fake on screen, I mean more like something knew how to work Dawn. Make her think she was rescuing her mother from some sort of demon and make her fight really hard, then give her a motive to betray the Slayer by telling her that "Buffy won't choose her." Isn't that all Buffy did not a season ago? I mean, all Buffy did was choose Dawn over every other thing in the world, and now, just because some apparition tells her otherwise, Dawn will just accept it and grow farther from her sister? Dawn and Connor should get together and have many whiny children. Anyway, again I found myself yelling at the screen, "It's not real, don't believe it!" But again, whatever

Anyway, this ep was creepy, funny and everything that is Buffy. So if the season turns out like this, I'll be one happy fangirl.

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