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"Dirty Girls"
"I reformed way before you did."

3/5. Nah, nothing was spectacular.

Xander's eye, Xander's eye! 8/10

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S E P R A H dot C O M

||> Summary

The ep starts out with a SIT meeting with a scary preacher man named Caleb who calls her a dirty girl, tells her he has a message for Buffy and stabs her. Faith and Willow find the girl and put her in the hospital. After leaving the hospital, Faith gets the lowdown on everything as we get the lowdown on Caleb and his S&M relationship with the First. Anyway, the girl wakes up and tells Buffy what's up. Buffy takes the other SITs to the place where Caleb and his Harbingers live and fight. The white hats lose horribly, some die and Xander loses an eye as they escape.

||> Review

Okay, first we'll start with the creepy preacher guy. Why was a creepy Southern peacher guy wearing a Priest's outfit and refering to parishes? The religion doesn't make sense as nothing else about the religious stuff was confused, which as a person with a BA in religion, I feel at liberty to nitpick to death. But I'll be nice and only do that in my mind, although it drove me nuts in this ep. Although I have to say Caleb was an interesting character, and his religious S&M relationship with the First was pretty interesting. Why did I get the impression that Marti Noxon penned that part? It was pretty dark. He's going to be fun to kill.

Xander's dream was hilarious in the beginning. What is it with half-naked pillow fights anyway? I never got that part and no guy has truly explained that to me to my satisfaction. His speech was really cool too and it's nice to see someone who isn't Buffy making motivational speeches. (In fact, at first this ep, I thought she would be making another one and I was like "oh no!" Luckily it was mercifully short.) And my god, what was with that eye scene! At the end, I was like, "Willow do a spell and heal him!" I felt so bad, it was just too crazy. Anyway, it was great to see him, although I did notice that Anya was completely absent in this entire episode and I'm wondering why that is. Maybe Faith replaced her.

Speaking of Faith, I'm glad she's back. I really liked everything, except her dialogue with Spike, which was a little wierd. Luckily Snarky Buffy was there in the nick of time. Hell, at the end, I was thinking that Buffy was so busy being snarky with everyone, including Faith, that she lost the battle. Maybe Faith will have the presence of mind to save the day.
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