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First Date
"You tried to record the ultimate evil? Why? In a complex effort to royally piss it off?"

4/5. Willow made up for Anya's sloppiness.

9/10. Cool!

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S E P R A H dot C O M

||> Summary

It's date night and Buffy and Xander both have very improbable dates. With Buffy is Principal Wood and with Xander is a very beautiful young woman who can touch things. While everyone else is trying to get the dirt on the principal, his true history is revealed - that his mother was a slayer in the 70's. Thus preoccupied, Xander is left on his lonesome with his date who, of course, turns out to be a demon who wants to use him to open up the Wierd Vampire Seal again. In between allt his is Andrew, who is still being harassed by the First and who gallantly chooses right over whatever the First represents. However, we end up with a pretty pissed Big Bad who gets revenge by setting Principal Wood against Spike.

||> Review

I suppose there's a lot I could talk about with this episode. Giles' story about how he stopped the Harbringers, Anya's jealousy, in fact, Xander's whole story since they all seemed so obvious. Of course the girl was going to end up as a demon, I mean that's pretty predictable right now. And Giles' story, whether or not it makes sense, hey, he's obviously back now some part of it must be true, right? Even Buffy's choice, which I was curious about seemed like normal once I realized what she had done. It just seemed to me that this stuff was fluff inserted in to either kill a question or add to the theme which was dating or whatever. Anyway, the thing that made this episode really really cool was the whole story of Principal Wood and the interaction between Andrew and The First and Andrew's reaction.

First, the thing with Principal Wood. They were trying way to hard to make him look evil. I mean, burying Jonathan's body? and in this episode, wiping off a bloody blade just as Buffy exits? It was certainly creepy, but I was getting the feeling that he was going to be less like the Mayor and more like Wesley-the-rogue-demon-hunter. Turns out I was right. I'm really glad he's here though, because I really like this character and think he's bad-ass. Oh, and naturally hot as hell, so that may turn the scales a little bit too. Anyway, the mom-as-the-Slayer thing was a nice twist that I think will be cool, though I knew as soon as he said anything that Spike killed his mom. I feel bad about that, but she was hazy to him in the first place and so I don't think it should matter too much when he figures out Spike isn't evil anymore. Or sorta not-evil anyway. Although, as an afterthought, didn't his mom look prettier and less tough than she did on the subway during "Fool For Love"?

And now about Andrew. He was pretty cool in this episode himself and pretty much got redeemed for the most part in my eyes. Not completely, because I still wish it had been Jonathan who had killed him instead, but at least now he's a semi-white hat. And like they said, everyone else has killed people before. I thought it was wierd that Willow kept that gun in the house though. I mean, it being identical to the one that killed Tara and the same one that she tried to use against Kennedy, it just seemed wrong. But whatever. I liked the wire thing, and especially that it worked since I thought that the First only talked to the person s/he was talking to. But then there was the whole Star-Wars hologram thingie, which was cool. Anyway, Andrew stood up for them until the end, so I think I like him a little better now.

All in all a very cool episode. I liked the questions it brought up and can't wait for them to either be answered or all come to a head.
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