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Get It Done
"Screw it! Mighty forces, I suck at Latin, OK?"

5/5. Willow was just that good.

9/10. Interesting.

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||> Summary

Now that Buffy knows about Principal Wood's slayer heritage, she introduces him to ground zero. In return, he gives her a safety kit or a securtiy kit which should have been passed down to her in the first place, but that he had kept instead. We also travel to see how the potentials are doing, and apparently they have enrolled in Slayer boot camp, with Kennedy as the drill sargeant. When one of the girls can't take it, and kills herself thanks to a conversation with the First, they turn to the bag to help them. This puts Buffy in some wierd dimension where she finds out that the First Slayer was made by men chaining her, and giving her demon powers, which she refuses to accept. In Sunnydale, a demon is let loose in her place and Spike has to kill it to do a power transfer thing to get Buffy back. That, and Willow having to do scary magic that forces her to suck the life force from her friends. It ends with Willow being disappointed that Buffy didn't take the power and Kennedy being freaked out that Willow did take power.

||> Review

Okay, can I first just say, yay to the First Slayer! I was so psyched that they got to the slayer roots in this episode and they finally touched on what they had been talking about since the season began: Willow's scariness. It almost made me forget one little bit of continuity, which is the Slayer Handbook. See, in season 2, Kendra talked about how she was trained by her watcher even though she was a Slayer in Training, and given stuff like training and a handbook. Why does Buffy get none of that? These watchers didn't even do their jobs before the First started offing everyone, much less now. None of these girls have any training at all, which in season 2 it was thought that they would have. I just think it's wierd.

Okay, so now I'll talk about the Slayer's origins. I like how they have been hinting at this since Season 5, that Buffy's power was in some way demonic, and now we know that's how she got her power. I kind of feel the feminist message has been a bit corrupted since the story is that this was done to some poor girl by a bunch of men, but whatever. It was interesting. I was also shocked that she didn't take the power, but I guess she's always counted herself as different from every other Slayer, so maybe this also adds to it. It's like she takes more of her power from the physical mundane things like friends and family than the arcane things that set them apart. Now if only she could realize this in time to save the world, I would be happy.

I went over how creepy Willow became during this spell, so I won't go over it too much more, except to say I hope this means an end to her and Kennedy for a couple more episodes. I'm getting a little sick of that girl anyway, especially since she's a little too take charge for my taste and I wish she would just shut up. She's got this attitude like, "I'm better because I'm Willow's girlfriend" and it pisses me off. Anyway, interesting turn of events.
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