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"The Killer in Me"
"You think I'm evil if I bring a group of girls on a camping trip and don't touch them?"

5/5. Kennedy and Willow glistened!

8/10. Again with the filler eps.

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S E P R A H dot C O M

||> Summary

Giles goes off on another one of his spiritual trips with the potential slayers. As they all leave, Buffy goes to visit Spike, who is having migraines. The chip is malfunctioning and as Buffy goes to take care of it, Willow takes care of her own crush, Kennedy. Kennedy stayed home with the "flu," which turns out to be a ruse to get out on a date with Willow. After the date, there is a goodnight kiss, but it triggers something and Willow turns into Warren: the guy she killed. As Buffy runs around the Initiative trying to figure out a cure, Willow runs into the old Wiccan group to get a cure herself. She finds Amy, but she gets no help. Turning ever more into Warren, she gets misogynist and storms off. Kennedy goes back to the group to find out that Amy was actually the culprit in this spell as Willow buys the gun that Warren used to kill Tara. Buffy meets with the government who gives her the choice as to take the chip out or leave it in. Kennedy goes back to the home as Willow reinacts the day Warren killed Tara. Kennedy stops it the way she started it: with a kiss.

||> Review

Like the last episode, there were some parts that were kinda bad, and some parts that were touching. Some of the things though, are down right disturbing. The disturbing thing for me is Kennedy's age. You know, when she first started flirting with Willow, this was okay, but the more I think about it, and since their "date," it sort of popped up in my mind. Isn't Kennedy, like all the potential slayers, at least fifteen and at the most seventeen? Willow's at least 22, so that means that not only did Kennedy not buy her own drinks at the Bronze (unless she has a fake ID) she also made out with someone that was about 5 or so years older than her. So Willow bought drinks for a minor and made out with one. Jailbait much? Was murder so bad that contributing to the deliquency of a minor doesn't matter? What is up with that? But anyway, the end part was interesting between the two. It was a little like the episode "I Only Have Eyes For You" with the flashing back and forth between what is "real" and what is not. This also deals with a relationship that shouldn't be, so that's also an interesting comparison also.

The other cool thing to come out of this was Andrew's reaction to Willow/Warren. He was just totally pissed at the First for the whole Jonathan thing. I think he's not taking full responsibility for it and that's a bad, but even that he won't have his buttons pushed (or so he says) is a good start. I haven't really liked Andrew all that much, but I actually started to here. And it wasn't like he was even pretending it was just an automatic, "I did terrible things and you're not to be trusted" reaction to an image of something he loved and respected not a year ago. Anyway, I was more impressed by this one little bit of a scene than I was to any other part of this episode I think.

As for the other part of this show, and especially the Spuffy arc, I could not really care less. It just seemed like such a plot device to me. Like, "he has a soul, so he doesn't need the chip. What do we do? Oh, give him migraines of course..." It was just too contrived and while the cliffhanger of what Buffy will do is slightly interesting, the other stuff wasn't. And as for Giles and that whole arc, that was also just plain silliness. They have dragged this out since he got back and I knew it would turn out ok. Although Xander, Anya and Dawn were funny about it so it was al least slightly amusing. Anyway, it was another middle ep, and I suppose good in that regard.

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