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Never Leave Me
"It's kinda like when I used to get ulcers in high school, only at the end I became one with light and hope. "

4/5. Not as good as last week.

9/10. Better, but still less Spike please.

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S E P R A H dot C O M

||> Summary

This episode takes place almost directly after the last one. Spike is being tied up in Buffy's house to be interrogated and to get over his human-blood hangover. While getting some animal blood for Spike as a substitute, Willow bumps into Andrew, getting blood because Jonathan's wasn't enough apparently. She brings him back to the Summers' place too where they also tie him up and interrogate him, although at one point Spike almost accidentally kills him. In England, The Watcher's Council just decides to help Buffy, when they all go kablooey. Then Harbringers come to Sunnydale, try to kill Andrew and kidnap Spike. They bleed him dry and as the First Evil Watches, a new vampire is born.

||> Review

This episode was more ensemble than the last, which I liked, although it was still a little Spike-centric. I've sort of got to wonder why the First evil has such a thing for this guy. I mean, it's not like Spike is really that important in the scheme of things. Although, I suppose he does have a lot of blood, which is useful. Anyway, despite all this, I liked the ep and I thought it was a good middl eepisode to have, since it seemed to ask so many questions that are begging to be asked. Like: who is this principal? He seems so cool and collected and certainly too suave for his actual job description. Plus, you know, there's the whole thing where he buried Jonathan in a deserted field instead of doing what regular people do, which is call the police.

And Buffy's speech aside, I really don't know why they don't kill Spike. I mean, there really is enough of a reason to. She did go after Anya and made an effort to kill her, and now that Spike wants to be killed, she's refusing to do it? I mean, weren't Spike and Anya in a pretty similar situation? Anyway, the ensemble did cast some bright lights on this episode and made it a lot shinier and better than the last one. For instance, Dawn's "It's coming out both ends!" thing was great, as was the whole interaction with Andrew and Willow. I was glad to plumb some of those depths. The good cop/bad cop thing was awesome and I was glad to see Xander and Anya work together again. I wish they were back together...

Anyway, good middle ep and I'm happy to see the next one.
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