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4/5. The Buffy average it seems.

10/10. Fruity but emotional.

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S E P R A H dot C O M

||> Summary

This episode documents Andrew's new calling which seems is a documentary on Buffy and her quest to save the world. The title? "Buffy: the Slayer of the Vampires." Catchy. While he is doing this, the seal that he opened starts to go all wonky and is affecting everyone at Sunnydale High. The students are exhibiting the symptoms that Buffy has seen before, but this time, all at once. People are disappearing and rioting and doing all sorts of nasty things, the worst of all is cutting out their eyes and turning themselves into Bringer-type hybrids. Buffy goes to stop it and brings Andrew there as he is the reason it was opened in the first place. At first she attempts to bleed him, but at Andrew's tears of remorse, the seal cuts out and it seems all it needed was a little repentance to stop.

||> Review

Okay, so for half of this show I thought that Andrew's idea of documentatin was a good idea. Only occasionally did I think some of the Blair-Witch-Project-esque footage was almost embarassing. I appreciated the reality of it and everything, but at the same time I was like "This bad videography is what I waited weeks and weeks for?" But like I said, most of it was good. Andrew's memories and imagination in what he thought he was videotaping was good too. I am still not sure if I liked the really bad stock footage of Black Magic Willow cut in with Andrew's imagining, since in a way it was funny in how obvious the cuts were and really stupid too. In any event the real story seemed that Andrew was still dealing with the fact that he killed Jonathan and that we are over it and Andrew now knows why he needs redemption is a good. You know, when all this first started, I was very upset that we had to deal with Andrew at all, but the more they deal with his character, the more I like him. Which is this total switch from last season, but I like what he's grown into.

As for what else was going on: well, I always thought it would be interesting to see if stuff would just happen all at once at Sunnydale High. I thought it was interesting how Buffy dealt with the little things she could, and I find it more possible now that the Scoobies aren't going to that school. But at the same time, I'm thinking about how wimpy all those students are. I mean, when Buffy was there, they were sitting on an active Hellmouth that opened right under them twice. And yet, nothing happened in this extreme way and they all settled it quietly. Now, just one crazy seal and everything's gone haywire! I think the students in Buffy's class just had thicker skin. But overall, I liked this episode a lot. It was a nice departure into silliness without getting totally off-topic and it really seemed to put a lantern on some stuff people were talking about in regards to the show. I am very happy with it.
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