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The Next Harry Potter - What I Would Like To See ||>

1. Harry dealing with the fact that he must be a murderer to stay alive.
Remember in book 3, he was not able to let Sirius and Lupin kill Wormtail. Harry didn't have it in him then to do murder and I can't see that it will be easy on him to do it himself in another two books. So in the next book, I would like to see Harry suffer with this new news, since only the true hero would also hate what he has to do. Yes, I have watched too much Buffy, but I really think there should be some moral accounting at least a little before the fact.

2. I want Ron and Hermione to stop bickering so much, and get the dating over with!
I'm about as sick of it as Harry was in the last book. Now Ron just has to realize why he is so jealous of Victor Krum and get over it. I think it would be funny if Ginny also had a place in his upcoming realization and explain to him what is really going on the whole time.

3. I want another female Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.
Except this time I want her cute, popular and very dangerous. It would be cool if she were sort of like a Charlie's Angel, only, you know, cool. Oh, but I also want there to be a huge catch: she needs to have a fatal flaw in which she's in love with Snape. Ok, I have thought way too much about this, but I think that having Snape struggle with a burgeoning relationship would be absolutely fascinating since he has absolutely no social skills. It could work out like this: A tangled past, an uncomfortable, longing present and an unknown future. The comic relief would, of course, be when the group finds out and there is a general reaction of "What the...!!!" when everyone finally figures it out. This, of course, would be hilarious!

4. I want Draco to need Harry for something.
See, I've never wanted the kid to end up evil. It's simply too predictable. I want him to finally see what was really going on with Voldemort and the Death Eaters (hmmm... come to think about it -- doesn't that sound like a death metal band?) and end up making the unpleasant decision to change sides. Oh, and it should be very, very bitter. After all, they despise each other now, so I see no reason why this shouldn't continue. It would be cool if they hated each other as much as they needed each other or something.

5. As for the others, the relationships, etc, I have no idea.
While everything else interests me, I don't foresee anything happening and I don't want to. Not one to read spoilers, I love speculation. However, we'll leave all this to the professionals.