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I know that since Buffy, the Joss-ites have expressed their emotions through advertising in magazines, most notably, Variety. A great way to advertise Serenity (and make our Big Damn Heroes feel good) would be to collect some money to thank Joss and Tim, the actors, and Universal for making this movie in a full page ad.

This advertisement won't be "thanks for Firefly", but rather "We saw the movie and it moved us so much, thank you and we look forward to the sequels." By doing this we:

1. Perhaps help give Serenity the legs she needs/so richly deserves
2. Give the cast and crew a boost
3. Show Universal that they did good by us and thereby make a sequel more likely.

I spoke with Gina, the very shiny sales rep and she will place a full page, black and white ad for $3920. This is at a discount from their normal price of around $7100, and will appear on the back cover, for everyone to see. That's where you come in. We have the artist and are working on the wording. But we need to get to this sum by Friday, October 7th to get in for the weekend issue.

And we did it! The total comes well ahead of our goal, so the extra money will be donated to either Hurricane Relief or Equality Now. We are in fact still the mightiest little fanbase that could. Please go here for updates on the donations. This link is also the place to get copies of the text. Please do not hotlink or I will disable everything.