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1.29.2002 ||>  

Okay, I posted on this posting board that I've been going on forever, BABoards and of course this bitch Lynn has to flame me on the board (like she always does) because I'm the only one left on the boards on her shit list who isn't a mod. So one of her toadies, Alex, emails this to me:

Sepra I was most dismayed, though not surprised, to see that yet again you've turned a debate into a flame. I saw this:
I realize you have problems understanding other people, especially me, so I'll clear it up.

before it was deleted. Seriously what do you think that achieves? Are you trying to make things unpleasant or do you just not think? It seems to be a pattern with you. You seem to interpret everyone's posts as aggressive (such as Billy's) when it is you who attacks. There's no justification for comments like the one above. There have been plenty of other threads on the boards where people have had debates and expressed different opinions without resorting to flames. So why do you go down that path again and again? You know ppl just want to enjoy the boards and in the past few months its been very pleasant. I can't help but notice that you turn up again and start posting things like that. Its comments like that that has caused me in general not to post on threads you're posting on. Try showing a bit of curtesy when you post it makes it much more pleasant for everyone.

I of course, have always found it funny that Lynn can flame me and no one says shit to her, including the other moderators who could be... moderating. I mean, if my posts get cut for content, shouldn't hers be too? Furthermore, she has made so many posters want to leave it's not even funny. In fact, most of the people posting weren't even from the old days because she's flamed them off the boards. I like lurking on the BuffyBB because they're so nice to one another and they talk about... Buffy! Oh my Lord and Lady, what a concept! A Buffy board where not only is Buffy discussed, but it actually doesn't make you want to vomit with all the negativity. Oh yeah, and where the admin doesn't try to have cybersex with any poster known to be male.

And you know what? The boards aren't my life... I have to contend with an honors thesis, my drunken psychotic roomate, and moving as well as newly using the public transportation system. My life sucks, but you know what? At least it's not as pathetic as those losers.

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