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2.06.2002 ||>  

My roomate's still not out of the apartment. She keeps leaving her stuff, like that damn salamander, as if she is marking her territory in some way. I really hate her, and since she still has keys, she can come in and out whenever she feels like it. So, I have to keep all my boxes of stuff in my room for fear that she's going to steal my stuff. Plus, whenever I enter my apartment, the fact that she could be there puts bats in my stomach. Sigh. Friday is just not coming soon enough. She also wants to "clean" on Saturday... I neither want to see her or be bossed around by her after Friday, so doing that is really not on my list of high priorities. People suggested I just clean up my part and leave the rest to her. I'm taking it into consideration.

On another frustrating note, is not functioning like it should, and I hate it when my servers go down, especially when I spend four freaking hours updating this week to put out some great material for my site. I really need to join a paid server, and I have a domain name, so it's not that big of a deal... It's just, what's the point? If I have to leave or something, I'll have paid for it for nothing.

Is there anything more that can go wrong this week? Jason says yes. I hope not.

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2.04.2002 ||>  

Okay, I realize that in the grand scheme of things, that my roomate stealing my can opener as she is moving out of our apartment is minimal. I mean, the nutjob gets drunk like every other day and embarrasses me to no end by taking off her clothes in front of my friends, trying to kiss me on the cheek, or molesting my male friends. The problem with this is that she's almost 32. She's such a pathetic freak, I mean, who still has daddy paying her expenses at 32 anyway? But still, I loved that can opener. It was really cool and easy to use. What a ho.

I am going to love rooming in a house (with a porch!) with my new roomies. I think it's going to be awesome.

I bought three CDs, Fiona Apple, Jewel and Opeth. Yeah, two whiny females and a heavy metal group. I'm eclectic, but I just love the smooth way Fiona sings and the intellectualized lyrics. I never used to listen much to lyrics (with the exception of Metallica and U2's), but between Jewel, Fiona, Live and the '40's soul that I've been grooving to, I'm getting into lyrics more and more. I totally can't afford food, much less CDs (even thought they're used), but with the stressed out/depressed way I've felt recently, I think this will help me out a lot.

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