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05.03.08: Photos section revamped.

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3.08.2002 ||>  

Rather than leave my site up with a rather mean blog entry, I thought I'd end on a happier note... Last night I stayed up to 3 am watching all the Moulin Rouge commentaries on the DVD. God I love that movie. Of course I'm now obsessed with Ewan MacGregor again, the guy is one of the funniest actors in the world. No one else could get away with calling Nicole Kidman a skanky whore. I do have a couple of problems with this movie on a fundamental level, but I can't help but get caught up in it, all the imagery and romance and musically goodness.

I also won't be updating anything for a week. Then... lots of updates. But no internet yet again and so no updating. But I will definitely be up again as soon as school starts. Hopefully Bravenet will be up again and I can hear from people about how I'm doing. Ciao for now!

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3.05.2002 ||>  

I went to this Care Bear Quiz to find out what Care Bear I was (and all classes have been cancelled today so I'm bored) and I tied... I am Bedtime, Wish and Cheer Bear. That is really odd. I mean, how can I be three bears, especially since I'm idealistic and like to have fun, but I'm not naive or even that nice.

I went to on the fringe and the U2 theme Rae keeps putting up has put me in this mode that I'm listening to Achtung Baby or Pop at all times. Unless I'm at home, listening to Moulin Rouge 2... which is so good. They really should have done the film version of Nature Boy, but it's okay. The only bad thing was the price... the music industry really rapes consumers on CD prices, you know? But I have a $2 off coupon now... and Etta James' greatest hits is calling me too.

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