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05.03.08: Photos section revamped.

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3.21.2002 ||>  

Oh goddess, I am so tired. Happy Ostara to all the Wiccan/Pagans out there. Hope it was better than mine! (Note to Buffy fans: when you meet a Wiccan in real life, please do not refer to them as "a Wicca." They will think it's highly weird.) I spent my Vernal Equinox at the doctor's getting probed, but it's worth it if I get an invitation to the Peace Corps, right? Anyway, I bought some Cadsbury Eggs to give out to people/dieties so it should all be kosher that I wasn't really in a religious minded mood.

Speaking of religion... I am now a Reverend. Yep, little ole me is ordained. I think it's a bit scary that I am now legally able to preside over weddings and baptisms and such, but it should prove to be fun. And my friend Dave got me the Buffy s1 DVD, so I am having lots of fun falling in love with that show all over again. Speaking of Buffy, I'm going to plug Tlace's collective site. I keep going over there and she has something that I think is missing from some sites lately... true enthusiasm? Maybe that's what it is, but all her sites are worth suffering through the pop-ups, which is something I never thought I'd say.

Anyway, I'm going home now to sleep, watch Buffy and hopefully get a big chunk of thesis done. I am so behind...

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3.18.2002 ||>  

La la la. I had this country song in my head all morning, and now I'm at the lab listening to Triple J. This is the best internet radio station on the net, and if you live in Australia too I suppose. Thanks Rae for giving me a plug. I keep wishing I had little smilies today, because I feel like people are actually coming to my site and liking it on top of that. Okay, maybe it's just the extreme exhaustion that happens when my Spring Break schedule starts to clash with my school schedule.

I hope Nikhil and K know that I appreciate them. And that I will email them both soon, but I'm so tired right now, the mental effort it takes to email them is too much for my cooked brain. Tomorrow boys.

I also was looking around to get those cool little comment box things, and found one here. I like how people can interact at just the push of a button, which is in a way cooler than the usual guestbook/form mail that is used normally. An addition to my episode reviews? Maybe.

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