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05.03.08: Photos section revamped.

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4.26.2002 ||>  

So today I was studying for this alternate quiz in my Taoism class and before the exam, I ran into my friend Mike. He seemed puzzled that I was so stressed. "Aren't you graduating?" he asked. I answered in the affirmative and he replied, "Well, then you're going to graduate no matter what, so ditch the quiz and have some fun." And it was like a choir of angels came down and the sky grew all bright (even though I was inside) and I felt this momentary release. I will graduate on the 11th no matter what. With honors. It's almost over kids. And I didn't take the quiz. :)

I ordered this package of 25 graduation announcements, because that is the smallest package they have. Unfortunately, I don't think I know 25 people that I could give them to. My aunt for sure, Kelly, the 5 friends I have in Arizona and my mom. Maybe other internet people too (Nikhil? Tal?), but that's not 25 is it? But my hair is going to be very cute with that little cap, so I'm very excited. I find it funny that I can talk about the epic struggle inherent in everyday life through the Hero's Journey for an hour, and get all very deep, but then a moment later be all "oohh, I'm so happy it's a good hair day!" Is it bad that I amuse myself this much?

I am still in that contest for fan art, and only two people have voted for me. One of those people was me. So please vote for me here. The site is a Buffy site I plug all the time, so I'm sure everyone has been there. Please vote for me. Pretty please. With Tal's fiery hair on top.

Last, I find it mildly amusing that when I mention how entertaining certain people are, and suggest that they do a blog that I can go to everyday and be entertained (along with many others) and comment on, the people in question take it all amiss and suggest I don't appreciate them. To that, all I can say is :p.

listening: etta james - at last
plugging: anna

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4.24.2002 ||>  

Okay, so today's cookie hour. Every Wednesday I go back to my old dorm, see Dave and eat cookies while he talks because frankly I go to hear him talk. If you are getting a bug error message before coming into this site, my commenter thingie sometimes goes offline, and that's what's doing it. It will go away in a bit, and people can post crazy comments once again. Wow, those two sentences totally don't go together. Mmmm, sleep is good!

So me and Tlace have been emailing back and forth lately with fansigns and the like, and I think I've noticed this trend wherein it turns into a Webmaster Lovefest. Like:
Sepra: You are so cool. I love your site, I think you're the greatest!
Tlace: No, you are the coolest. Here's a pretty picture.
Sepra: I love the picture and this just proves that you are way cooler than me, and so sweet. :)
Tlace: You're sweet too.
Sepra: but not as much as you!

She really is the greatest. I am so glad that I stalk Heather, because otherwise I may never have know the joy that is sense-of-wonder. Oh, and last, Tlace's Buffy site is having this competition for fanart and I entered. Now, I think some of the other submissions (like Piper's - a girl who also needs to have a blog I can stalk) are better than mine, but who ever said this couldn't be a popularity contest? Please vote for me in it. Although I will put up annoying plugs until the end, come to think of it...

And my last thing about blogs, I wonder if Kai or Nikhil ever thought of doing one. That would be entertaining.

Listening: The Ozzman Cometh
Plugging: katie

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4.23.2002 ||>  

Oh wow oh wow! It's Tal!!!
/me runs up and gives Tal a bear hug
I haven't heard from you in soooooo long! Where have you been?!

Anyway, getting on to happier things, yes, I'm doing better. As my pal Dave reminded me, I was already pissed at a certain person before she decided to shit on me, so I shouldn't be so depressed about it. That, and all the concerned people out there have made me feel better too! :) Don't get me wrong, there is definitely residual, and I'm a bit mood swingy, but I'm at least eating now, which is a good start. Now, on to the Friday Five and Sunday Seven, which I did, but Blogger crapped out on me and I never got to post them.

Sunday Seven: 7 favorite bands of all time...
1. Metallica
2. Rush
3. Radiohead
4. Live
5. U2
6. Garbage
7. Tool

Honorable mentions include: Ozzy, the Scorpions, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Fiona Apple, Meat Loaf, Queen and Sarah McLachlan

Friday Five:

1. What's your favorite TV show and why? Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy is the source of my finest moments. The joy of love... the clarity of hatred... and the ecstasy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than I can bear. If I could live without Buffy, maybe I'd know some kind of peace. But I would be hollow. An empty room, shuttered and dank... Without Buffy, I'd be truly dead.

2. Who is your favorite television star? I like my stars who think they're one with the fans and have a reputation for being nice and cool. Sarah Michelle Gellar scares me, so I'm going with Alyson Hannigan. Plus, I always admire a girl with a punk song after her.

3. What was your favorite TV show as a child? Tough choice, but I'm going with Rainbow Brite. Although honorable mentions go to Jem, She-ra (He-man was lame!) and Unico.

4. What show do you think should have been cancelled by now? Don't really watch television, but those "elimidate" shows have to go!

5. What new show do you hope escapes the axe this season? Er... I don't know. Not big on the TV, so I guess Angel?

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