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05.03.08: Photos section revamped.

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5.04.2002 ||>   Where I give the Internet more information than it wants

The Friday Five has been on hiatus, but I found some people doing a pseudo Five for the fix. So here goes:

1. What do you like to read? What genres do you read the most? Why? I am such a fantasy geek. I read almost anything: romance (very selectively though), sci fi, fiction, but at heart, it's fantasy that I crave.

2. Where do you like to read? Describe your favorite reading nook. I like to read in big, oversized chairs that recline. That way I can stretch out or recline, whatever. I can also read on sofas, but I hate reading in bed.

3. What's your favorite book or author? Why? When did you first discover this treasure? My favorite book is the Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. That woman could do no wrong, the rich characterizations, the spell-binding plot, all characterizations of her work. I discovered it in eigth grade, and had been avoiding it for months because, while i was allured by it's pretty cover, it was huge! But one day I caved and the rest was history.

4. Do you like books on tape (or CD)? Why or why not? What's your favorite rendition, if any? If you don't like audio books, when would you consider listening to one? Noooo. I get bored and fall asleep. For me, reading a book is like watching a movie, only better. I really get into them, but when they're read to me, I can't, so I snooze.

5. Are e-books the wave of the future? Have your read any? Which one? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not? I think e-books are the stupidest things in the world. I have enough eyestrain and retinal burn stories, I don't need to pay people to get more. Plus scrolling annoys me, and there's that whole Giles quote about how books are so textured and rich and smelly, computers are not.

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5.03.2002 ||>   Where all life is junior high

I'm kinda tired, but some stuff has been going on, and woah. So I guess I'll do a bit of a different Friday Five, just about my life.

First, there's the whole depression thing. Still getting better, and I'm kind of looking at it like it's inevitable now and nothing I do is going to change a damned thing, so I'm just going to pick up my shit and leave come graduation. Sometimes saying, "I can only control the things that are controllable" helps, but I wish it helped more. From minute to minute - ok, but some stuff has come up that reminds me that I do have this gigantic sore spot. Perhaps I'll just live alone forever.

Second, I managed to email everyone I should have a week ago, so yay me! Like other lovely people, I have been neglecting my friends, it's just been hectic lately. But for a special few, graduation announcements will be in the mail soon!

Third, I feel bad for my friend Laura who didn't do so well in her interview. But you know what? I have faith in her, because she's very impressive so she might get the job after all if they get to know her. Plus, interviewers realize some people get jittery. In any event, if they don't hire her, it's their profound loss and they will have bad karmic consequences later.

Fourth, if no one noticed, I put two movie reviews up in my articles section. I wrote them when I was a book/video reviewer for the 11th Hour (which is now defunct), but they were never printed (to my knowledge), so I'm giving them life.

Last, I just noticed how heated my little surfing space in the internet has gotten. But since I'm going to post my thoughts on the copying/elite stuff about as soon as I post my views on Israel or abortion (Israeli abortions?), let's just say if anyone wants a space where none of this gets discussed publicly, come on by! And folks, just remember, it always gets better before you get married....

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4.28.2002 ||>  

So today I was finally able to talk to Teller on irc. That boy is just too precious for words. Anyway, I did it in leiu of my Tibetan Buddhism paper due on Tuesday. Wow, I'm a bad girl, putting things off until the last moment. I think I must be getting rebellious in my excitement to graduate.

Okay, now it's time for the Sunday Seven. This week, it's favorite soundtracks. I think Rae's stretching here, but okay.
1. Moulin Rouge
2. Evita
3. Desperado
4. Highlander (first movie)
5. Practical Magic
6. Care Bears (well, I think it was "of all time")
7. Rainbow Brite the Movie

My neice just ran into the room, excited because she's wearing big girl underwear. So she pulls down her pants and lifts up her shirt and screams and my sister's boyfriend, "Look daddy, I'm naked!" He was so embarrassed (we tease him about her growing up to do that with boys), and I still can't speak, I'm laughing so hard. Then she did it to my mother, and kept alternating "I'm naked!"s until my sister threatened her so she would pull her pants back up. She is just too cute.

Again, I entreat anyone who hasn't voted for me yet, to please do so. Feel bad about voting for me blindly? Well then, vote for me, then look around the site and you can go to more places. :) Am I shameless? Sure!

listening: jeff buckley - grace

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