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5.10.2002 ||>   Where I'm finished with this school thing for a long, long time

So I just got done with my last final and I'm turning it in tomorrow. Woohoo! Which means that I now have time to blog and email and surf and do a ton of other things that I haven't been able to do all week.

But I'm graduating and how exciting is that? No more school for at least two years, and probably a bit longer than that. It is such a good feeling not to have to remember 15 page papers on how Locke and Machievelli are similar or different or how Candide utilizes space.

What will I do with all the free time?

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5.06.2002 ||>   Where I procrastinate on the fun stuff too

I have one seven page written final yet to do, although the 3 page one is in the bag. Sort of. I read the entire novel of Winters Heart by Robert Jordan this weekend, and just kept procrastinating reading it. It was a slogging nightmare for the first 200 pages or so because I had forgotten almost everything about the series except the most basic parts. The book ends on two cliffhangers, but at least there's some action in it (unlike the last book), so I was pleased. It also goes to show that I not only procrastinate on important things, but also the stuff that doesn't matter.

But before I go: My tardy Sunday Seven: Places to vacation:
Ireland * Morocco * Spain * Uruguay (don't ask) * Argentina * Nepal * Jordan
Honorable mention includes Israel as long as I could be assured that I wouldn't die.

Listening: Bush
Plugging: Kelly

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