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05.03.08: Photos section revamped.

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5.17.2002 ||>   Where I flash my neice and see a movie

Having not blogged since Sunday has given me some pretty funny stories to tell. Of course, now I can't remember them all. Well, I guess the really funny one was about my neice. She was hugging everyone goodnight and it was my turn. I happened to be wearing an old shirt, and whenever I bent over, it was loose at the top, so it would flip down a bit. Anyway, I bent over to pick her up, and she sat on my lap and yelled, I see your boobies! in a sing-songy voice. Who the hell taught a two year old to say boobies anyway? I was so embarrassed that I yanked the top of my shirt to my neck. Then she squealed it again, and I said, "No you can't." So she pulled down the top of my shirt and peeked! And she said, "Yes I ca-an." By then, my mom was so embarrassed that she was like, "give your aunt a kiss and we're going to bed now." But it was kind of cute.

I went to see Episode II last night. The movie was good, some things didn't jive, but Ewan was yummy even with the beard. I don't think I like Hayden Christiansen as Anikin though. His lips are too big or something. Like Anikin can't have big lips or something. Ok, I'm a bit wierd.

Oh, and the Friday Five is back up, and these are the questions? Didn't they have two weeks to work on them? Kinda lame, but what the hell:
1. What shampoo do you use?: All sorts, usually St. Ives stuff, but lately ThermaSilk.
2. Do you use conditioner? What kind?: Yep, and it has to be moisturizing and heavy. Light conditioners don't cut it with my hair.
3. When was the last time you got your hair cut?: A month or so ago?
4. What styling products do you use?: A very light pomade called "Rewind" by Redken. It's to give my hair a flippy kind of look.
5. What's your worst hair-related experience? A spiral perm in sixth grade. Wow, was that a mistake!

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5.13.2002 ||>   Where I resist authority and lob tortillas at the president

Yesterday I graduated from college! Yay me. And funny story here: at the graduation there is a tradition where we throw tortillas during the ceremony. This year, the president of the university and the administration tried to stop this because "it might be discriminitory toward people of Native American and Mexican descent." Realizing that this is stupid (how many of the tortilla-throwers are Mexican or Native American?), we all hid the tortillas under our robes and lobbed them to the audience like the grads normally do. I mean, we're all from Arizona by now no matter where we were from before. Tortillas are not ethnic specific no matter what anyone says... it's just food! When the president got up to speak, he gave us an admonition against the tortillas. As soon as he said "tortilla," we all threw them at him. Those things travel far, let me tell you.

Sunday Seven topic: "Seven weird things you'd like to accomplish but probably won't":
1. Dream in an entire story arc over a series of nights
2. Learn 5 languages fluently
3. Finish my dad's book
4. Become a professor
5. Meet all my online friends at a house party
6. Check the mail completely naked
7. Travel to every country in the world

Listening: random radio
Plugging: Tal

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