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5.23.2002 ||>   Where there are internet love fests and not much else

Ok, so today was an internet-free day for me. I kinda overdosed on the internet for a couple of days and almost felt repulsed by my computer for a bit. It's not that anthing I read was bad... just that I had a bit too much. There was this girl I was friends with freshman year of college and every weekend her boyfriend would come over and have sex with her all weekend... literally. It was like, 14 times in two days, no joke. Anyway, by Monday if we even said the word "sex" to her, she would get sick. Not that the sex was bad, just that she had had too much. I suppose that's a story no one needed to know, but I thought it was an okay illustration. (FYI her boyfriend became so exhausted he couldn't do it anymore so she found someone else. LOL)

Anyway, the point is, I came on tonight, and look at all the niceness I find! If there was like a Lollapalooza of Love, it would be the internet, which makes me feel all warm and snuggly. :D I mean, even Heather is feeling chipper, which is strangely exciting.

Thank you Anna, for including me in your love fest! You are too adorable, and I think you should do a layout of your cousins, it would be great! You and Rae are some awesome people that I always feel honored to secretly stalk.
And Tlace, how could I not always comment in your blog?! It's like an absolute compulsion, I must do it, because your blogs are so fun to read. They're like Kelly's, who is the coolest person with awesome recaps, and yes, I'm always excited to see what you're thinking! Oh, and who can forget Piper, she of the lovely papers? And even lovelier emails?
Oh, and let me share my love with my boy skankers! Nikhil, Dave, Kel, Tal and everyone else that I haven't mentioned because you make me smile everytime I come on. Now, if I could ever remember to email you back. :) I'm working on it...

Oh, yeah, and Rae's Sunday Seven, because how could I have missed out on that?
Seven fave Buffy eps: Passion * Restless * Dopplegangland * Surprise/Innocence * Once More, With Feeling * Bad Eggs (yes, you read that right, damnit!). Since I consider Surprise/Innocence to be one ep, I'll have to tack on Fool For Love too.

Anyway, I should probably go before I gush to much, but I love you guys! :)

Listening: I am addicted to Buffy Radio now...
Plugging: Immaculata and Aly, who signed my guestbook (bless your hearts)

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