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6.13.2002 ||>  

Ok, so I know I just blogged and all, but after I did so, I checked my email and oh my freakin' god, Anna made me the Featured Site at Much Ado. Right now, I think I can only communicate by typing, because I still might not have the power of speech. Haven't checked really. Oh, okay, I can make these small supersonic vocalizations. And, uh, I commented in her blog how it was good that I didn't know where she lived, 'cause I'd give her a big ole hug, and now I think there might be flowers in it as well! Anyway, thank you Miss Anna, and I hope you get lots of rest!


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Ok, so I went over to Heather's this morning, and she has this link to a gallery consisting of shirtless pics of Elijah Wood. And you know, I've always had this problem with people lusting after him. Ok, not that I totally don't understand, because I always admire a man with prettier eyes than mine, but he seems like such a little boy! It's like thinking he's hot is like thinking your little brother's best friend is hot. I remember when I was a kid and seeing him in movies and thinking, "wow, that's a cute kid." So, the fact that he has any sex appeal at all kinda freaks me out. Ok, maybe I'm wierd...

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6.11.2002 ||>  

Ok, so lots of people know that right now I am voluntarily unemployed. So I've been using my relaxing vacation time to do some reading, and I have done lots of it. So, to continue the binge, I went to the bookstore and picked out some books, including DoOon Mode by Piers Anthony. Now, I have this rule about Piers Anthony, which is that I never read his books anymore, and let me tell you why. I read several series by him and a couple single books, and I noticed things as I got older, namely that many of his severely underage characters are sexually active with very older characters. Now, I'm no prude, but I really didn't like reading about grown men (30+) trying to get into bed with very, very horny 13-14 year olds. On top of that, most of the women were all very buxom and in positions where they were submissive to the male characters. I can handle Robert Jordan's reference to the female form in every paragraph because those women kinda kicked the guys around too, but Mr. Anthony's were all like "I'm so weak because I'm so hot for you." But what really got me to stop reading was this reference in a novel about an 8 year old getting into bed with a child molester and liking it.
After the vomiting subsided, I discarded the book, grateful that I had never really contributed money to his career in literary pedophilia by using the library.

Anyhow, when I was 14-15 and still reading his books, I got into this series about a girl named Colleen who travels across reality to get to the man she loves. It's called the Mode series. Anyway, I liked some of the characters, and always wanted to finish the series, so the other day, I saw that the last book was there and I violated my prohibition and got the book. God. Damn. It. Okay, to be fair I enjoyed the book a little. It actually would have been a good plot and good characterization without the references of the lead male's nobility by only groping 15 year old Colleen instead of outright having sex with her. Oh, yeah, and how it's okay to have sex with lots of different women, and it's just that our culture is fucked up which is why men can't. Ugh. Anyway, so I was chugging through until the last part of the book, where Colleen has to face her fear from a previous rape. And get this: she really thought the rape was bad not because she was forced to, but because when she was 7 she was molested and was ashamed that she liked it. In fact one of the characters (whose name is "Pussy" by the way) actually says, "It didn't matter make any difference whether you liked it or hated it, it was what you had to do." She had to get molested? And it's okay to be molested? Last, I think it's really sick that this male author thinks that little girls like getting molested. No one likes being abused, much less little kids who don't know how to stop abuse.

Anyway, there's my soapbox....

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