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6.20.2002 ||>  

Happy Summer Solstice everyone! Hope everyone has fun today with no heatstroke.

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6.18.2002 ||>  

Woohoo, you guys are going to be feeling my ranty angst for another day. I just really have to get this off my chest...

I am so sick of the hate. And not like anti-Riley hate, or anti-Kate hate (and hey, that rhymed!), but fan-hate. Fan-hate? Well, let me tell you. When Seeing Red aired on UPN, unless we knew in advance, most of us were shocked and sickened by the death of Tara and the newly-turned evilness of Willow. Of course, none of us were as sickened as much as the posters on the Kitten Board, who understandably, went apeshit. Now, I may not agree with everything they say, and I also may not truly understand what it's like for them, but I decided to stay lurky and let them work it out. Most people, webmasters, fans and posting boards alike have pretty much left them alone with their grief. But there are just some people that can not leave them alone. They have to flame and make these people feel unwelcome in the Buffy community.

Maybe I just don't get it. I mean, I really disagreed with the Kittens at first, but I also read what they had to say, and you know what? It makes sense. They have said flat out that it's not that Tara died that they disagree with, it's the cliched way. Having someone killed right after a marathon of gay loving by an unnatural act of God? Well, most people would think that one has nothing to do with the other. Well, let me tell you what the effects are anyway. It affects adolecents who are struggling with their sexuality, who think "hey, this gay person was killed senselessly... oh and that one too... and that one... and oh, another one. What's going to happen to me since I'm gay?" It also affects adults who feel despair that yet another successful gay couple bites the dust in a horrific manner. Again: it's not the intent, it's the effect that is generated.

And you think that doesn't happen, that the effect isn't realistic? Well, I was in high school when the Craft came out. And all these Wiccan adults were championing against it, and I was really glad they were out there ediucating people because it might have meant one less idiot coming up to me, asking me if I could change my hair color at will or asking if I would do a spell for them. So yeah, shit gets referenced, especially when the largest demographic is kids, not adults. Anyhow, I'm digressing, but my point is that the Kittens have their own point, even if people don't agree with it. And they're part of our community. God damn, I wonder if people really know how much they do for us fans? They transcribe radio interviews, have great spoiler sources, hell, they sit outside film areas for hours just to get us glimpses into what's going to happen. They support us, and as far as I'm concerned they're getting shit on at the very time they need the love and tolerance of the entire fan base. Especially when that fanbase consists of hypocrites that went nuts about hating Riley but criticize the Kittens for doing the same over something they love.

Anyway, make me feel better and send the Kittens your love. Even if you disagree with them, respect that their opinion may be just as valid as yours. And lets all keep the W/t love alive while we're at it!

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6.17.2002 ||>  

Ok, so the other night I went out to a club with my firends and we were all dancing when this guy comes up to us and starts dancing as well. Well, my friends kinda moved away from me for a moment, and he focuses in on me, and starts to dance. This is cool, since I do go to clubs to dance with people. Anyhow, he starts to grope and get a bit too close and I find that I need rescuing. So me and my friend start doing the fake lesbian thing and she basically tells him to get away from me. Normally, this stops guys in their tracks, because while they seem to want to look, they usually know better than to actually get involved. But did this guy stop? Nope. Anyway, we ended up having to go outside to get away from him, and I ended up finding a nice guy to dance with on the other side of the dance floor. He didn't grope and actually got to dance most of the night. Which brings me to my rhetorical question of the day... Why is it that guys seem to need to grope girls on the dance floor? Do they normally get laid this way? I have never seen a guy actually get lucky, but I have seen them get carted away by security... so what's the point? Why can't some people keep their hands to themselves?

Anyway... Sunday 7: Seven worst movies you've seen...

1. Species
2. Dracula 2000
3. Not Another Teen Movie
4. Eyes Wide Shut
5. A Clockwork Orange
6. 2001: A Space Odyssey

7. (I don't know the title, but it has Jet Li in it and he flicks a bullet at someone's head and kills them... which was cool, but the rest of the movie sucked)

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