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6.28.2002 ||>  

Okay, so I just finished Polgara The Sorceress by David Eddings, and I would just like to damn Laura to all eternity for getting me all hooked on that series... now I have to read the Mallorean series. Darn you. Darn you to heck!

Oh, and sorry if I spoil anyone that hasn't seen the recent Passions eps yet, but that show is too funny and I have to vent. Favorite line of the week:
Luis: Teresa, you're nuts!!
Of course, that's because she is nuts, and I am gratified that some people are starting to see that. Oh, yes, and Julian and Timmy going into the woods and hearing a banjo play the theme from Deliverance made me laugh so hard. Although if they go all the way with that... I don't think I want to see Julian "squeal like a piggie." *shudder* But making comments like "you got a purty mouth" would be hysterical. Sometimes the writers are so funny and sometimes they're so off it's a horror to watch. Everytime Beth is on the camera I want to break my TV, but Timmy is such a delight.

Ok, enough boring Passions talk... Another funny thing that happened was everyone's reaction to this new wallpaper... Every single person that has seen it has asked me, "Is that you?" or "Is that supposed to be you?" And when my mom asked I blurted out, "No, I wish!" before I thought about it and she gave me this look. Ok, maybe it was only funny to me...

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6.26.2002 ||>  

So I actually got up off my but and emailed everyone back... I hope. Anyway, now I'm waiting for Days of Our Lives and Passions to come on, because I am becoming thoroughly addicted to those shows again. Passions makes me laugh so hard though. Yesterday Theresa's baby was going into shock or whatever and they were trying to "revive" it. It was seriously the funniest hospital scene I've ever seen. At one point, they were shouting "clear!" and this buzz of those electrical thingies that shock your heart into beating. And that they did it to a newborn! Oh, and the imitation ER talk was hilarious too, esp since there were no tubes attatched to the baby with the doctor saying "stat!" every 2 seconds... ah, I have my own fun.

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6.23.2002 ||>  

Ah, my sister is moving out! She's getting her own house, and although I will miss my niece terribly, it will be so nice to not have her around all the time... and her crap. Everything's been so hectic (and I'm still trying to clean the uncleanable room), I haven't gotten a chance to email some of the people that I should.

But on the upside: My sis is going to be gone! Woohoo!

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