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7.04.2002 ||>  

Happy Fourth of July everyone. The Fourth of July is a great day, isnt it? It's about backyard barbeques and fireworks and red, white and blue. It's about Americanism, without all the cynicism and criticism. I have this fond memory of when I was working at McDonald's on the Fourth... as the fireworks were going on, the manager let me and another girl sit on top of the roof to watch the fireworks through those famous golden arches. Anyway, the Fourth is always a happy day, of kicked back people in star-spangled t-shirts that always brings up happy thoughts of one's good times in childhood. So, in this aura of positvity, I am going to be über-dramatic in the hopes that people will understand the typically American thing that I'm going to do in about 40 days:

Right after Sept 11, I sent in my application for the Peace Corps and after jumping through about a dozen hoops, I have been accepted as an invitee. This means that in the middle of August, I'm going to be going to a foreign country to teach English. Let's just say this country ends in "stan" and leave it at that. Anyone that wants to know the real destination can email me. :) In any event, I'm leaving for what I hope is two years and three months.

Obviously there are some loose ends, especially when it comes to the Internet. There is a 60/40 chance that I will have the internet in this country, and that's a good, because I would like to continue blogging and emailing the wonderful people I have met and become friends with. On the other hand, I may not (I think I will though..). Regardless, there is something that this country has a 99.99% chance of not having: Buffy. Naturally, this will kill me come October when the new season starts because not only will I miss the show that has meant so much to me for 6 years, but it also means that I cannot update my site if I have no information on the shows. Now, I will update my site right up until I leave, but after that, I have no idea what will happen. But rather go quietly into the night, I was wondering if any webmasters who have a steady site that they will continue to maintain would like an addition? If anything struck them as super-cool and they wanted to add it so that a piece of me could stay in the community? In any event, my site will remain up, although un-updated except for the spellbook and tarot sections which I am taking down. If a webmaster that I feel is stable would like a section, then please email me at so we can work something out. I am especially concerned with my club, Faith in Joss, and would like that taken care of most of all.

Anyway, I have loved being a part of this community and the web. As much as it pains me to leave it, I know that for right now the Peace Corps is the the most important thing I can do. I'm not dead yet though and I'll still keep annoying everyone with my prattle until the time comes... with the hope that the time will never totally come.

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7.02.2002 ||>  

...And on a lighter note, some funny things that I have seen recently. Jesus Of The Week is an absolutely hilarious website. Going through it, I almost peed my pants because I was laughing so hard. My mom hates it because she thinks they're making fun of Jesus, but it's put on by Xians who hate the marketing that goes around it. Anyway, it's funny and non-offensive.

The other funny thing is Passions, of course. There was another "Teresa's a nutjob" line that I always find highly amusing. And as for Timmy and Julian, well, I'm not as fixated on Deliverance as Dave would like to think, but it is still really funny.

Anyway, since Rae didn't do a Sunday 7 (but has this really fun New York Story instead), I'll do the one from last week:
7 Favorite Fictional Characters:
1. Morgaine Le Fey (Mists of Avalon by MZB)
2. Michael Gallitan (The Wolf's Hour by Robert R McCammon)
3. Nightfall (The Legend of Nightfall by Mickey Reichart)
4. Bean (Ender's Game, Shadow Series by Orson Scott Card)
5. Mat (Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan)
6. Vanyel Ashkevron (Last Herald Mage series by Misty Lackey)
7. Tannim (Serrated Edge series by Misty Lackey)

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7.01.2002 ||>  

Ah, today was very interesting. I changed the computers over from my sister's to my mothers. Funny thing, my mom was going to switch to my dad's computer, but it didn't have a USB port, and my computer is the only one with one. Which is great, because I had this conversation with her about switching computers over and convinced her to use mine. Then today she went to switch it over to my dad's and treated me like a complete moron when I reminded her that we had discussed this. So it's nice that I got the last laugh on that one. But that's not all. She tried to get my sister to switch it over to the USB, and I invoked my rule about no one touching my computer hardware but me. Especially since my sister is about 3 steps from being completely computer illiterate, and I don't like her to boot. So they got upset and my mom kept pleading with me, but I told her it's my rule, and they left the house. After they left, it took me all of 10 minutes to set the whole thing up: 8 minutes to move my computer and the components, 1.5 minutes to realize that the USB didn't come with drivers, 25 seconds to realize it can run on an ethernet connection, and 5 seconds to plug the sucker in to the ethernet port.

So anyway, they come back home and start to freak out because they didn't know I had an ethernet card. (Please. My mom came with me when I got it installed three and a half years ago? How else would I have had internet at the dorms??) Anyway, I guess they took my "no one touches the computer but me" rule as everything on the computer, not just the hardware (ignoring of course the part where I say "no one messes with the hardware" part), so they went out and got a "guy they knew" to get them an ethernet card. Well, seeing my computer all set up and after hearing my clarification 5 times, they called the "guy" and told him not to bother. And they had the nerve to be mad at me because I took control of the no-computer situation. Sigh. But this leads me to my biggest gripe of all which has to do with gender bias:

Why is it that when "some guy" works on your computer, it's ok, but when a daughter, a girl who is actually invested in the idea of providing a good machine for your use, works on it, she is a moron? I mean, this is not the first time this has happened to me. I have tried to help out people with computer issues before, and told rather bluntly that they'd rather have a guy do it instead. My father could do anything he wanted to the computers and my mom would just sit blandly by. In fact, when I would suggest something as a solution to a problem, my mom would check with my dad (who was less computer literate than I) first to make sure it would be ok. It doesn't end there either. Last year, I was hooking up my new DVD player to my roomate's TV and noticed that there was nothing for the wires (silly Daewoo tvs), which made me confused for 5 minutes until I figured out that a converter of some kind would be required. But my roomate wanted me to wait until our male neighbor came and saw it and could tell us what to do. Well, I ignored her, called a friend, got his agreement that it would need a converter, went to Best Buy and had the DVD player hooked up that night (or the next one). But all my roomate could say later was "You should have waited for L." Turns out L. didn't even work with electronics, he just had some sound equipment for his music. Cause that would have been so much help to me.

I just gotta ask: when it comes to fixing electronic issues, when will a girl who knows her electronics one day outrank a guy who can't even set the clock on a VCR? When will women stop getting treated like morons when it comes to computers? I really would like to know.

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