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7.13.2002 ||>  

You know, the Buddha talked about the impermanence of existence and how it can be proved throughout reality. This includes the internet, I suppose. I mean, Jenah has a new layout, I'm leaving, Tlace is having a bi-polar episode, Piper actually got a blog, and Heather has to move.... it's like this big whirlpool of change and (girl) Kelly got back just in time!

Anyway, saw Reign of Fire tonight. Dave dragged me to see it because... "it's got helicopters and dragons! " Ok, he didn't drag me, because I love action movies, but I went. Anyway, there were some huge plot holes, and they managed the (before thought impossible) feat of turning Matthew McConnehey un-beautiful. But there is Christian Bale... and the effects were pretty cool, as well as some of the stuntwork. After I got home, my mom and I watched Fatal Attraction, which scarily reminded me of my nut-job ex-roomate. I swear that will be her life in 4 years...

And I noticed that people in the webmaster community have issues about "real life people" knowing about their Buffy websites? Well, tonight as a matter of fact, I met up with some old aquaintances and they asked how my website was doing (while snickering a bit). I was like, "yeah, I get about 200 hits a day" (thank you Anna!) and they kinda got quiet and didn't laugh at all after that. So that's the way to fight it, ;) by being arrogant...

Ok, time for bed. I have only one more book in my series left to read, so I'm very excited!

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7.11.2002 ||>  

So one of the peace corps people that's coming along decided to set up a yahoo group for all of us so that we could get the straight dirt on what will probably happen. All I can say is that I hope I get placed in a city. I'm really good with cities, less so with rural areas where I will have to bathe from the bucket of water that I got from the town well. Okay, I think I could live with that too, since this is a once in a lifetime opportunity...
But you know what's wierd? I keep having dreams about wierd stuff. And I think I can tell that my subconcious isn't nearly so nervous because they're suddenly getting better. For instance, a month back, I dreamt that I had gone back to my old apartment and that my nutjob ex-roomate and I were forced to live with each other again. I can not tell you how nightmarish that was... it was pretty awful. But then, last week, I had a dream that I came back to the same apartment and that the bitch had died and her friends were collecting her stuff (including her stinky, obnoxious animals) and everything was mine... which I'm taking as a sign that my mind is clearer. Ok, not that dreaming my roomate was dead was very good, but I don't think my subconcious liked her anymore than I did.

Maybe I should seek help... :D


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