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7.25.2002 ||>  

Well, I'm glad everyone was as amused as I was about that little entry. And a big laugh to Piper for her little guestbook entry as well. I think it's just that some people think that I must be stupid for whatever reason.

In other news, I had a date last night with a very nice guy and we had dinner and saw the new Harrison Ford movie, K-19. FYI to everyone: do not see that movie on a date. It was pretty boring and there were some parts that made me want to vomit (which would definitely not have looked good). To be honest, I didn't like it very much and I think it really spoiled my mood. I know I was not exactly at my most charmingnest (is that a word?) because I was pretty tired, but that really sunk it. Sigh.

But on the up and up, I've been having lots of fun lately and today is my niece's 3rd birthday, so I got her Alice in Wonderland. I'm really not a big fan of Disney, but that movie was okay. As long as it isn't the Little Mermaid I suppose. I'm also working on a new layout using an original picture and scan and one that has an original scan if not the picture. I'm not sure which one I want yet, but it will be nice to have a change of face.

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7.24.2002 ||>  

Oooh, look, I have an admirer in my guestbook! How sweet, my site "sucks ass" and he's not going to come back. Well, if he's not coming back, then he won't mind if I use his little tirade against me to ridicule him and amuse those who like coming here. So here I go. :D

you dumb bitch, anyone who listens to type o realizes that the song, "The Green Man", is about the Druid faith.

Let's get past the "dumb bitch" part first. Considering that I just graduated from a research I university with honors in a double degree, it doesn't really make sense. Hmmm, and I also listen to Type O Negative, and own 2 albums, so I guess I am "anyone who listens to Type O." But what's really funny about this sentence is that anyone who listens to Type O would know it's about the Druid faith. Like if I didn't listen to them, I wouldn't know? Did he read the liner notes and finally have a religious awakening or something?

it has absolutely nothing to do with paganism or wicca for that matter.

Druids weren't pagans? Did they not worship multiple gods? Didn't they live out in the countryside (the definition of "pagan" is someone who lives in the country)? Didn't they get stamped out by Christians millenia ago and since the areas they lived in were illiterate they left no records? So how the hell would he know what "the Druids" actually did? So no, Druids had absolutely nothing to do with Wicca (since there's a lot of time lag btw 100 and 1955 AD), but they were definitely pagan. Now, if he were talking about those guys who think they're Druids in the modern day and go out and prance around outdoors, well, then they are not only pagan, but they do in fact have lots in common with Wiccans who do the same.

the only reason he add the line, "So says me, me wiccan friend", is because that is the closest religion to Druidism there is, if you wanna even call wicca a religion, its more like a reason to disobey the laws set by the pagan society.

Excuse me while I laugh a bit. Wicca is the "closest religion to Druidism" but it's not really a religion? And please, Wicca set the laws for modern day pagan society. But which pagan society is he talking about anyway? I mean there's Greek pagans who have different laws than Latin who are different from European who are different from Irish. Oh, and lets not forget our eastern bretheren who have been following a polytheistic path longer than anyone (and better if I do say so). And you know, you really need to stay away from those liner notes.

but, each to his own. i myself am a follower of The Dark Carnival. its the only "religion" that makes sense. peace.

But each to his own? Is that why you flamed me, out of open-mindedness? Wow, I wonder what would happen if he were closed-minded then. And it's the only religion that makes sense? So... Buddhism doesn't make sense? Jainism doesn't make sense? What about Bahai or Hinduism or Judaism? Oh, and thanks, but your little tirade didn't manage to convert me.

Oh, and just to let everyone know, those songs don't have to be about Wicca, they just have to give one a feeling of being close to it. I mean, Jimi Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower" is definitely not about paganism, I think it's just funny if looked at from that perspective. So please, unless someone can write an intelligent criticism (with correct grammar and punctuation), please don't bother.

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7.21.2002 ||>  

So I finally got my friends to go out with me and we had a good time. They're helping me make a scrapbook of classy, black and white pictures for my mom for when I go away. Plus, they're keeping some too. ;) Anyway, my friends are the best photographers I know and most of the pictures came out really well. The story in this is that we picked out the best of the bunch, and there was this one picture we liked over the rest (I'd show you, but no scanner). Basically, my head is tipped up and I look like I'm laughing my ass off (which I was at the time I think). Anyway, me and my friend took one look at it and loved it, it was very infectious and she thought it captured my personality totally. My mom hated it and said that my mouth was too wide in it and I looked like I was grimacing. The pic she thought looked most like me was one where I was barely smiling. I mean, I had a smile, but it didn't reach my eyes or anything and while we liked the pic, it felt a little fake to me. Anyway, the point is, it's interesting how my friends think that me laughing captures me the best, while my mom thinks that me barely smiling does. To be a little too honest, I was a little disappointed at that. Especially since you would think that my mom would know what me laughing looks like. I guess not.

But it's so great and I'm making more on Monday since my friends have the golf course to take me to. It's so much fun being around them. We also went shopping tonight too, and I'm almost finished with all the things I should buy...Today was pretty cool all in all. :D

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