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05.03.08: Photos section revamped.

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8.03.2002 ||>  

My server, has for some reason deleted all my files. I have no idea why this is, but I want to find out before I upload my backups. Anyway, please bear with me and everything will be back up in a day or so.

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8.02.2002 ||>  

If i had a title for this blog, I think it would be "My Mom is a Big Bathroom Hog." So my aunt is coming into town, and I got up after only having 4 or so hours of sleep. Maybe it was three.
Anyhow, I've managed to take a shower, eat, make-up and girly stuff and now, Blog as well as taking out the trash... and she's still not out. In fact, she's just started blowdrying and we've got like 15 mins before we have to go pick them up.
But the house looks sooo nice and it's a big improvement cleanliness-wise over what it was a mere 4 days ago, so I think it was worth the effort of staying up for a couple days straight getting it in order. Anyhow, I hope the people that come here often will be impressed (like the sis, and my friends), and the people that don't as often (like my aunt) like it too and feel all comfy.
T-mius 10 mins now. You know, just to let everyone know, I think it's kinda funny-cute that my mom hogs the bathroom like that. I mean, it's like she's 16, but not, and it is pretty amusing. And I'm so tired. But I guess you all got that by now, huh? Alright, maybe I can do one last thing to hurry this along a bit... so I should get off the computer. You all have a fun day! I think it's time for coffee too...

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7.28.2002 ||>  

Seven things you've done once and will never do again...
1. Sell stuff to people. I mean, I think everyone should do this once in their life, but no, never again as a job.
2. Keep a hugely personal journal. This one's not really that personal. All it takes is one time for your mom to read what you did in that place with that boy...
3. Eat salmon. Yuck!
4. Maintain a strict code of honesty. I mean truthfulness is a good quality, but it should never be taken too far.
5. Have an office job (I hope!). Nothing sucks more than sitiing in a chair all day doing something tedious. I'd rather work at McDonald's because at least there a break actually means something.
6. Go through the classified ads to find a roomate. One psycho was enough, thank you.
7. Ever go to one of Paula's family gatherings. Most of them are ok, but her brother and mother can kiss my ass. (sorry Paula!)

Ok, more emails out soon to a couple people... Piper's taking over my ep reviews, so yay her!

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