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05.03.08: Photos section revamped.

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8.10.2002 ||>  

1. Do you have a car? If so, what kind of car is it? I am all about public transportation. I do not own a car, and hopefully will never have to again in my life. I wish there was a subway around the world so I could just use that.

2. Do you drive very often? Nope. I think the last time I drove anywhere was about a year ago.

3. What's your dream car? A Volvo or a Hummer. Not the new Volvos though, one of the older ones where they were so cute and boxy. Although my out-of-range dream car is a Hummer because they are just cool.

4. Have you ever received a ticket? Nope.

5. Have you ever been in an accident? Yep, been in three, none of them were my fault (hence the no-ticketing) and each one totaled the car I had at the time. In one, I was injured severely, and in the last one, someone drove me off the road while I was going 65 and I hit the wall. No permanent injuries in that one, but I had flashbacks for a month. Car crashes are very scary.

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8.07.2002 ||>  

Okay, so last night me and my friends rented this video from the store where this guy was going to teach us pop-star dance moves. So naturally, we tried Britney Spears' "crazy" dance and I have to say, it was pretty fun! And you know, I was thinking about it, and I think Britney Spears has to be the best guilty pleasure that I've seen in a very long time. And you know, it's just not me, like I've seen her around a lot lately in places that I really wouldn't expect. Like in the homes of Radiohead fans and such, which one would normally not expect any sort of pop sensation. I think it's like an underground thing, because people at first reject the Brit, but then I think they finally just capitulate to catchy bublegum-ness of it all. And of course everytime I see a new person caught up in the Britney web, it's too funny.

Ok, and this was a lame post, so I'll stop now.

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8.05.2002 ||>  

Ok, I FTP'd my back up files back online. My server has not gotten back to me, but hopefully, they won't pull this shit again. Very tired now, working on getting BWLS back online and if I don't it will be another day. Piper, I'm emailing you too asap, and Heather, I'm putting up my Tlace Fanlisting link up soon too, I'm just really dead tired. Night all, sweet dreams.

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