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12.27.2002 ||>  

I am a dirty, dirty Peace Corps Volunteer. How can you tell? Look at my laundry list for the month of December:

7 shirts
2 pairs of long underwear and 1 undershirt
3 pairs of pants
3 pairs of socks
7 pairs of underwear
1 bra.

This of course, includes the stuff that I didn't wash in November (2 shirts and 1 pair of pants).

You know, in America, I shower every single day, never wear the same shirt twice before it's washed and shave at least once a week. I am now what you could call low maintenence, because none of that happens now.
But I promise if anyone wants to see me here, I always embrace personal hygeine on special occasions... ;o)

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My counterpart is off her rocker. Remember the stories of Jennifer-the-nut-job-roomate? Yeah, it's a bit like that. The other day the school had a staff party and my sitemates (the other volunteers in my town) and I went over to their house to eat some cake after the party. Well, this younger teacher we were talking to came with us and we had a great time. The next day, I happened to walk into my director's office just as it had a mini explosion. My counterpart was yelling, my director was yelling, and the girl we had had cake with last night was sitting in a chair sobbing. I had a sinking suspicion but I asked what happened anyway. My counterpart stormed out, and my director was telling her not to listen to my counterpart, that everyone knows she's a good person. My suspicion grew. I asked a little louder "What happened?" and the girl ran out, still crying a bit. So my director told me. Apparently, just before I got there, my counterpart had pulled her aside and started screaming at her that she was a rude person, that she was never invited to eat cake with us, that she shouldn't have gone out with us, that she was a bad person and we didn't like her. She said that the girl just tagged along and she was just so incredibly rude. So naturally, the girl was upset, which of course meant that I had to tell her that I wanted to be her friend, yes she was invited and we wanted her to come.

Of course what I said was completely true, I really do want friends here and I was hoping she might be a friend. My counterpart's words were all lies and I have no idea why she said them. Now, I'd normally just be a little pissed about this, but this is not the first time this has happened. A girl came to hang out with us on Thanksgiving. We Americans invited her, begged her to stay, and we meant it. My bitch of a counterpart took her aside and told her that she was not invited, that we didn't want her there, that she was rude and should go home right away, and so she went. We had no idea until about 2 weeks ago that this had happened.

Now, I can't say anything about my sitemates, but I really need a friend here. I want to meet lots of people in Uzbekistan and guest over everywhere I can. I want friends, damnit! I was a little concerned before because no one would invite us over. But I sort of understand now. People are probably afraid! I mean, if everyone who tries to socialize with us gets bitched at, no wonder people are reluctant to talk with us. But hopefully this shit will end soon. If nothing happens, I'm going to put an end to it myself, and I know no one wants that.

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