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2.01.2003 ||>  

Okay, so the last couple of weeks have been pretty depressing, but hopefully things are going to pick up. So mom returned on Saturday, heard about my accusation and on Sunday when I came back to talk to her about it, she went sort of apeshit on me. She was yelling in Russian (something I have come to hate by the way) and saying that no one stole any money, that I was just looking for an excuse to go blah blah and that if I didn't want to live there anymore, well then, I should just not....
Thinking about it philosophically, this put me in a problematic situation. I really liked my family, but in a worst-case scenario, they would still not talk to me and I would still be depressed until I was basically forced to move. In the best-case scenario, they would "forgive" me for my accusation, the person would still keep stealing from me and I couldn't say anythng more because I would be called a liar again. So yesterday I moved out. The new family is Russian-speaking not Uzbek speaking and they seem really nice. So I hope it goes better and that I'll be a little more happy now than I was.

But get this: I love Uzbekistan, ok? I really really think I did a great job by picking this country and I enjoy every place I have been to... except the place I'm living in. I hate it. But I'm stuck here for the time being. I'm working on normalizing relations with my counterpart and I did just change host families so we'll see, hopefully I'll be on the up soon. So please, don't worry, just send me good vibes, ok?

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