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2.21.2003 ||>  

Okay, so here's the deal. My new family has a computer and I furiously typed up all my Buffy reviews. The I copied and pasted some stuff I've been working on at my school at the same disk. Unfortunately the stuff somehow got corrupted, and corrupted the whole disk and the computer formatted over that and my 5 pages of Buffy summaries and reviews. I'm thinking god doesn't want me to update my Buffy site.

On the up and up, I feel much better every week, and since my family's been feeding me good food, I have actually gained a little weight other than slowly losing 10 pounds. I don't want to gain the weight back, but at the same time, it's nice to know that the food I'm eating is nutritious and delicious enough for me to eat a lot of it. You know, rather than the typical Uzbek family's potato-carrot-onion soup that I had been getting for the past 3 months. Say hello to a return of kasha and homemade strawberry jam!

Does anyone know of an organization that either can: 1. Donate a shipment of Harry Potter books or (more importantly) 2. Donate english language video cassettes in PAL format (you know, the format used in Europe). My secondary project so far (the project apart from teaching) is working to expand and sustain the english language library and resource center in my town. Anyway, that's what it's for. Any internet sites or organizations anyone knows of would be great. Or any private person who wants to donate would be cool too... since it's a tax write-off. Thanks.

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