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3.14.2003 ||>  

Women's Day was on the 8th of March. Think flowers, candy, presents all for the women. It's sort of like Mother's Day, except for all women. In fact, I think they should scrap Mother's Day altogether and just do Women's Day in America. That way you can celebrate with your Mom, your Grandma, your girlfriends, all the women. Oh, and did I mention that you get a day off work on Women's Day? I think having a holiday for 50 percent of the population would be enough of a reason for a day off. And maybe then later, a Men's Day just to have all things equal.

So I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my life now that Buffy is over. I read Sarah Michelle Gellar's article in Entertainment Weekly. That chick is cool. She seems so down to earth that it's easy to admire her for all her hard work. Now if only I could find something I love to do as much as she loves acting. It's not going to be teaching, that's for sure.

Okay, here's a funny anecdote before I run off. The other day I was hanging up my clothes to dry. Now, because I live in an apartment, I have to hang up everything on a line outside the window. Well, just as I was hanging up my bright red, American flag underwear, this kid calls to me from the street, "Hello! What is your name?!" Which is normal, only that I wasn't expecting it since I was hanging up my underwear! So I yelled back "My name is 'I'm hanging up my underwear!' Leave me alone!" And, of course, he doesn't understand, and that's ok. I wonder if this is how stars feel though. I mean, do they get yelled at as they're hanging up their underwear? Or something similarly embarrassing? No wonder they're all so paranoid.

By the way, I updated 5 new Buffy reviews and 2 new Angel ones. In case you didn't know.... ;)

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