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4.29.2003 ||>  

Ok, so here I am, at the Internet cafe. Paying an obscene amount of money (a dollar and a half a minute if you can believe that rip off!) to blog. Well, I'm blogging because, hard as I try, I can not get on hotmail.

For all of you dog lovers out there (and bless Kelly's heart for hating the little buggers as much as I), I was really just blowing off some steam with that rant. The problem as I see it is a cultural conflict between Uzbek/Russian people and American people. After all, people here also don't put diapers on their babies, so it's hard to see a difference between a human baby peeing on the rug and a baby dog peeing on the rug. Although, before I adjusted I got into a fight with little sis and she's not talking to me. But for some reason I feel no tension about it. I actually feel okay that no one will be there to talk to me in the morning and my family's like, "Whatever. She's a drama queen, just let her be and she'll get over it." Maybe that's why I'm not bothered, it just seems so run of the mill for her. And everyone seems to expect it. Anyway...

So I got two big boxes of books today for my resource library! I am so stoked! I know it may sound lame, but I really like the whole library thing. Not just having a library though, making one for people without is very satisfying. I'm getting sick of teaching already and really, really, need a vacation, but I love the librarian. I think that I make a much better librarian than a teacher. Unless it's university. I liked doing the tiny bit of university "teaching" that I did. But I like the idea of going from country to country, making beautiful, sustainable libraries. Such a romantic notion, if you ignore the dust bunnies in the corner....

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