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5.16.2003 ||>  

So I figured I'd do a more upbeat post today. I added episode reviews to my Buffy site and I went over to Broken Crayons, which is a site I can sadly only go to once in awhile, but one I enjoy thoroughly. Anyway, I saw the little mini poll and I thought I'd give my thoughts.

If it was a choice between either BtVS going on to Season 8 or Angel going on to Season 5, which show would you pick and why?:

I would pick Angel. Like I said, I'm completely at a loss as to what to do with my life now that Buffy is over, but it would have been more empty if I had lost interest after Buffy becomes Sarah-less. Besides, Angel has always been okay, and maybe it will be better now that alot of the talent will move there and Tim Minear is given more status.

Are you happy about the casting additions and changes scheduled for Angel Season 5?:

I actually liked Connor for the most part. His wierd way of making everything Angel's fault was amusing to me because it was so insane. I have no idea of what they will do with James, but I'm sure it will work out. And I'm sad to see Charisma go, since she's good, but even I could see her time was up even last season. She's probably just really tired too, like Sarah.

If someone other than Spike were to become a mainstay on Season 5 Angel, who would you pick and why?:

Willow. I loved her when she came for that one episode and the interactions with everyone was just fresh and cool. I liked seeing her opposite Alexis Denisof and the interaction with Amy Acker was really funny. I think Alyson Hannigan can do anything, and if anyone could successfully do it, it would be her. I don't agree she would be lost there since they already have Fred, I think it would just highlight the extreme differences between the two characters.

Anyway, those are my thoughts.

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5.13.2003 ||>  

So I'm homeless. And apparently, jobless. Unemployed and homeless. But it's okay. I had a conference with Peace Corps where they told me that I was kicked out of my town because I was too culturally unsensitive, which basically means I yelled at the PBMoD too often. Anyway, the next couple of weeks I have to work on my cultural sensitivity and respect for others. Which, damnit, haven't I been working on that since I was 18 or so? I realize that I didn't start out in life as the most unselfish, sensitive person, but I have been making it my life's work to be a better person and rise above the tendencies I was given. So I feel like a bit of a failure in that regard right now, but that may just be some self-pity that has risen despite my distaste and need to quash any self-pity I have ever felt.

On the more humourous-Buffy/Angel side, I keep remembering that Angel season 1 episode where Angel and Kate have to go through that sensitivity training and in my mind I keep hearing, "Be a rainbow, not a pain-bow!" So maybe everything will be fine and the last six months will just be remembered as one long, bad trip.

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, and especially mine! :)

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