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5.22.2003 ||>  

Okay, I need a place to vent my angst. But first, about Buffy. I know it ended. I know that people are emotional. Please do not share this emotion with me until I have seen, like the last 3 episodes. I don't want to know how you feel, I don't want to know "just this one part" I really, really don't want to be spoiled for the last ever Buffy episode. Got that mom? Boy-Kel? I love you both, and I want to talk about this with people and share and share some more, but right now? Nope.

Anyway, why is Peace Corps dead set on making me go to a place I don't want to go? I want to live and work in Tashkent, and I know this city, have friends in this city and everything. So what are they going to do? They're going to send me to another city that is far, far away from everything and everyone. Because that worked out so well before, right? Goddamnit. I wish people would just get their shit together and you know ask me, you know, the person whose life this is, where the hell I want to go. I told them, and it's like my boss has this whacked obsession and won't let it go. I seriously want to hit him over the head with something hard and blunt.

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5.20.2003 ||>  

I met this new, delightful volunteer today who gave me spices. Spices! Like Thyme and Chili Powder and Baking Powder and of course the ever-wonderful Basil! And just a week ago another wonderful volunteer gave me some nutmeg and the all-holy Oregano. I should have mentioned that nowhere in this country can you get either oregano or basil and they are the herbs most sought after. So I am very happy. Now all I need is a place to live where I can cook with these wonderful spices and I'm all set. And smelling them is making me so hungry... Now I can look up regular American recipies for things! Woohoo!

On a side note, I updated my buffy site again, if anyone ever goes there now. (pleasepleaseplease)

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5.19.2003 ||>  

So I'm living in an agricultural society, and am finally happy to say reaping the benefits. It's strawberry season!!! This is really cool. It's like "strawberries, strawberries everywhere, and all of them are cheap!" They are 30 cents a kilo at the bazaars, and on the street, 50 cents. A kilo is like 2 pounds. I am so stoked! And I've seen apricots too, although they are a bit pricey right now. Plus the weather is now permanently warm and I'm in a big, bustling city. Anyway, it feels pretty good, and like the past 6 months in my school-from-hell was just one long, bad trip. I want to stay in Tashkent. For the rest of my time here, although it really, really sucks in winter. But I think I'm just a city girl at heart, and at this point I cannot see myself like some other volunteers who either get their water from a weekly truck, or walk 30 minutes to find it. I'm spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.

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