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5.30.2003 ||>  

I was thinking about genetically modified food the other day when our, uh, president was berating Europe for not liking it. Here in Uzbekistan, the food is not genetically modified, and you know what, there is something that nobody ever mentions about this technology: taste. I mean, We care so much in the states about preservation, being able to feed a lot of people when we have more food than we all eat, etc. But the food sucks people. Tomatoes and watermelon are tasteless, and pumpkin's not what it's here either. Now, there is something to say for preservation mind you, since having your strawberries grow fur one day later is depressing, but given our prediliction for plastic seals and Lysol, but it's not that important. Not enough to sacrifice so much taste. I think all these scientists who are like, "It lives longer, fights off flies and it tastes the same!" do not know what a decent tomato tastes like. Anyway, I knew there was a reason I didn't like this whole tinkering with nature thing, and I'm pretty sure this is a big reason. It's depressing to see, as I walk through the bazars here what people back home are missing. I mean, yeah, there are no flies or dirt or smelly people pushing. No one has to pasteurize their own milk in America, but you know, the butter here is better, farm fresh eggs are an everyday course and non-homemade jam is just unthinkable. I think this whole GM thing is a crock.

But uh, anyone that wants to send me some Velveeta Shells and Cheese is more than welcome. :)

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5.28.2003 ||>  

Oh my stomach is so happy with me right now! Last night was a friend's birthday so we all went to the really expensive Indian restaurant that rich ex-pats go to and I got stuck with a good portion of the bill due to the fact that 1. I offered to pay for my friend and 2. The other volunteers are cheapskates that can't add or figure out a tip. But I was still feeling uggy yesterday, and couldn't eat my whole meal, so I took some back with me. Today I felt just fine, even normal. Then I had my leftovers for lunch/dinner and wow! There must be something in that stuff that makes a tummy feel good, because I just feel like 10 times better and I have more energy and everything!

I also have a question: does anyone even read my reviews anymore? I had this little epiphany when I was writing them, like, "what's the point?" because most of the people who come to my site get tricked by buffy porn or are there to take my quiz. Although, I love to go on posting boards (like the Kitten Board) and read their responses. But anyhow, if you like them, I'll still put them up, but can I get any feedback on them? Please?

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5.26.2003 ||>  

So I thought I'd blog again since I can't do anything but rest really. Got another bout of food poisoning last night, so I'm a little laid up over here with a headache, but the stomach pains are long over, and it's not like it was my first bout or even the worst really. Not even the fourth worst that I've had so it's just a routine now. Maybe I'll get cracking on more reviews for Buffy, I don't know. I saw the Matrix 2 yesterday, in Russian. I was all excited because I thought it was going to be the X-men 2 in English, but at the last minute they changed it so we got the Matrix 2 instead. It was okay. I had read some spoilers about it from before so pretty much knew what was going to happen. Plus, the dubbing was so bad and the acting so wooden that I could hear the English perfectly except in a couple of parts. It was nice, but to be honest I wasn't overwrought with "What will happen next?!?!" cliffhanger-type feelings, so I find that rather telling. I also maintain that any movie that shows even a little part of Keanu Reeves' butt loses something to the overall movie for me. Like, The Devil's Advocate was a great movie, but it could have been better...

Anyway, I think I'll get on those reviews. I had a Buffy dream the other night that was freaky-deaky which I think symbolizes my current state of agitation when it comes to wanting to surf the web, but being really afraid of the pit falls. I also want to change my layout to a Buffy-farewell layout like everyone else. Not because I want to be like everyone else, or because I don't still like my layout, but because I too want to join in the bittersweet sadness that comes with the end of an era. Oh well, I'll suck it up. Maybe I'll have a new layout up in the next year and a half, I don't know. For now, those reviews will do just fine.

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