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6.14.2003 ||>  

Okay, that last blog was all about me feeling guilty for not doing something I shouldn't have done anyway, and also feeling guilty for feeling what I was feeling. Especially since the Peace Corps people here are like the most competent people I have known when it comes to this sort of stuff like organizing and implementing.

Anyway, I used to be a reviewer for a web magazine and they went defunct sorta, so I took my reviews and put them here for people to read who never went there. So there are three book reviews up, and if you haven't read them already, they're new and in the article section.

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6.13.2003 ||>  

I had the last of my macaroni cheese tonight. Yummmmm.... And I was puttering around earlier trying to write the review for Chosen and End of Days and I realize the problem certain other webmasters are having (cough annaandkelly cough) writing their own reviews because I'm still speechless, and I will be dorkily triumphant to note the only one of the three Buffy fans here to shed tears of joy and sorrow. That was some good macaroni and cheese too, it was sooooo cheesy.

What the hell was I going to talk about? Oh, yeah, depressing stuff. Remember that camp I was doing and couldn't complete because I got kicked out? Well, the other volunteers revived it and some kid died yesterday at the camp. They went to a public swimming pool and a kid drowned because none of the lifeguards or doctors knew CPR or had appropriate resusitation equipment. Now here's the part where I get all screwed up and irredemable. I'm really saddened by it but I feel sort of responsible too. Like, if I had been the director, we never would have gone to the swimming pool, or if I had made the guys who took it over stick to the budget like a cheap polyester suit, they wouldn't have been able to afford to go there. Or even worse, if I had been all petty about my site and been like "screw their camp, those funds will go to another place" the camp never would have happened and the boy would still be alive. So basically, I feel as if had I been more in control, someone would be alive because of it. I mean, it's no one's fault, and definitely not the other volunteers, but I can't help thinking this stuff. I'm going to hell, aren't I?

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6.12.2003 ||>  

That was beautiful. I love Buffy, I love the fans, I love it all. It was just too beautiful. Thank you Joss, thank you cast and crew and writers and thank you Kelly for letting me witness this. The other volunteers here are also shouting their thanks right at this moment as they catch up.

... and the moment's done.

God that was beautiful. More will come soon.

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6.11.2003 ||>  

So I mentioned how wierd the hotel got after my friend crashed for the night, right? It gets weirder. I thought I was pretty obvious in how I did not in any way sleep with him. I mean, there were two beds in the room and he left his unmade, so I left mine unmade too on purpose so that the maid would tell people that we slept in separate beds. (Which we did, since he's a freaking friend for cripes' sake and and oh... it would just never happen, not to mention I'm not like that.) Anyhow, so the maid leaves fresh sheets for both beds, and the other hotel staff last night was like "oh my god" when 4 of us sat out on the topjons (these big Uzbek seating areas that're raised off the ground) again to talk and have a beer. So I had to make a big scene and say "everyone's going home tonight!" so that they'd leave us alone. But regardless of my big scene last night, this waiter, Alek (yes I know their names - and now they call me by mine) asked this morning at breakfast: "So your friend is not here this morning? Where is he?" I nearly lost it. I was cracking up so bad, it was all I could do to keep a straight face and tell him "He's at home, of course." I mean, this hotel staff is seriously sad if they are living vicariously through me. I'm way to boring for that!

There was also this time in the past month that I've been living in the hotel that I stayed the night at another friend's apartment because it was too late for the metro and I didn't want to take a taxi. So I came back at 8 in the morning and the guy at the desk asked me "So where were you... all night?" They now probably think I was staying at the first friend's apartment, and are gossiping their butts off. I almost wish I was as interesting as they are making me out to be...

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6.10.2003 ||>  

I am very pluggy lately, but I promise that this is my last time! This site is a recent phenomenon for me, and I can't keep my browser off it. It's really slow to load, but it's strangely worth it! And you know, usually I don't say stuff like that.

So last night, I drank some beer with other volunteers and one of them crashed in my room because they didn't want to have to pay a taxi to go home. But in the morning, just after they left, the hotel calls my room and was like, "we need to talk to you." Look, I know you're not supposed to have an unregistered guest, but come on! I mean, the guy had a point, which was that he could theoretically be arrested for not reporting a foreigner in a hotel, but it didn't happen, did it? And the person was a Tashkent volunteer who was registered for Tashkent anyway, so what does it matter? Anyway, the point is this: they need to make this whole KGBish registration thing less of a freaking hassle. Plus, the hotel is not that great, it's not like too many people are even there! But at the same time, I don't want to piss them off so whatever. Other than that, it was a totally laid back thing, and fun, so it's all good.

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